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Learn How Cie Games Achieved 50% Boost in Ad Revenues and Engagement

Cie Games ad monetization case study
Wondering how to increase ad revenues, while boosting engagement? Take a note from Cie Games. Recently acquired by Glu Mobile, Cie Games is an award-winning publisher of top mobile and social games. Over the last 13 years, they have entertained more than 95 million players by leveraging their expertise in the racing game genre. Fyber is the ad monetization solution of choice for all of Cie Games’ mobile titles, including their hit Racing Rivals.

Our latest case study takes a look at how Cie Games:

  • Tweaked their monetization strategy to increase ad revenues 50%.
  • Simplified their approach to monetization, while staying in
    full control of their direct relationships with demand partners.
  • Boosted engagement with an over 50% increase in Avg. User Session Time.

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Maximizing ROI on Your App Distribution Campaigns

Let’s say you have just finished developing a new app – perhaps a casual game to entertain your users on the subway, or a travel app to help business people book hotels worldwide. Whatever the genre of your app, you’re likely setting your sights on next steps – namely, app marketing. How will users discover your app among the thousands out there? And how will you find users who will engage and re-engage with your app? Paid user acquisition is one strong option, and some important formats of paid user acquisition are rewarded formats, such as “Install” or “Engagement Campaigns”. But then, are users who download or engage with apps for rewards really loyal users?

The truth is that, with appropriate tracking and optimization, rewarded user acquisition campaigns do provide high-quality users for our clients. That’s why Fyber offers “Install” and “Engagement Campaigns”, alongside our expanding non-rewarded ad format offering. Our clients who have ran rewarded campaigns for app distribution have achieved outstanding results in generating loyal and engaged users at scale. Underlying the success of these clients’ campaigns are two key factors:

  1. KPI tracking to measure performance and analyze user behavior, and
  2. Using the right type of rewarded campaign to maximize ROI.


KPI Tracking and Analysis

A key measure for optimizing rewarded campaigns is collecting data on where new users are coming from, as well as how loyal and engaged they become. By tracking installs and user behavior through developer app IDs, which identify each traffic source for the campaign, it is possible to break down user traffic into segments and evaluate the success of rewarded campaigns. Setting a definition of quality before the campaign (e.g. X number of users need to revisit the app within 7 days, or Y% of acquired users must make an in-app purchase) is key in objectively evaluating the success of the campaign. For example, one of our clients promoting a casual game has set up the following regimen to keep tabs on ROI:

  • Analyzing traffic quality on a weekly basis by tracking developer app IDs
  • Looking at collected data to see which traffic source delivers the most installs
  • Tracking how many of these installs will make an in-app purchase within the next 28 or 40 days, and whether the overall campaign is ROI-positive.

With the support of our account management team, they were able to put the different traffic sources into one of the three quality groups, making it easier to take the appropriate actions and improve campaign performance. Campaign analysis based on developer app IDs is extremely effective for campaigns that have generated 5,000-10,000 installs, which is the baseline we recommend for collecting meaningful data.


Choosing the Right Rewarded Campaign Type

“Install” and “Engagement Campaigns” are a tried-and-true method for increasing ROI and user quality for app distribution using rewarded ad formats. “Install Campaigns” (CPI) will reward users for downloading and opening the promoted app. This type of campaign allows you to reach a very wide audience and generate visibility for your app. After tracking installs and identifying the traffic sources that are ROI-positive, you can use “Install Campaigns” to effectively drill down on these traffic sources and maximize your ROI. By adjusting the bid, you can tailor “Install Campaigns” to your needs, be it acquiring quality users at an accelerated pace or sustaining quality download volumes over time. Mobile_CPE Typically, “Engagement Campaigns” (CPE) will ask users to download and engage with the promoted app. A music app might request that the user create a playlist, while a game might require the user to play to a certain level before receiving a reward. Other popular engagement options include asking the user to fill in a registration form or to complete a tutorial explaining the app. Whatever the ask, “Engagement Campaigns” are used to guide users to a specific point in an app’s flow where user conversion rates are the highest. The benefits of helping users understand the apps they are installing are clear: you avoid top-of-funnel churn, and increase the likelihood that they will return to the familiar apps they enjoy.


If you’re looking to implement paid user acquisition, our account managers are here to help guide you through the process. We’re ready to invest in understanding your needs and helping you meet your goals. If your style is more independent, we’ll give you the tools you need to lead the way. To learn more about Fyber’s user acquisition capabilities, get in touch with us at

Gamescom, Great Times

GamesCom Collage
Gamescom 2014 may be behind us, but the memories are still fresh in our minds. From Aug. 5th-9th, our team descended upon the beautiful city of Cologne, Germany to take part in the flurry of activity that is the world’s second largest gaming convention. For us, the show was a great opportunity to see familiar faces and make new connections. While the day was busy with meetings and demos, at night we welcomed a much-needed break to dine with 50 of our friends and colleagues at the gorgeous KölnSKY restaurant. The restaurant offered breathtaking views of the city skyline and delicious dishes, but our focus was on the company. Our guests represented all aspects of the mobile and gaming industry – and all corners of the globe. Conversation and networking carried well into the night, leaving just hours to grab a few necessary winks before the activity of the convention kicked into gear once again. If we didn’t see you at Gamescom, we hope you’ll stop by at one of our upcoming events to say hello and check out the latest and greatest from Fyber!


Fyber Shares Insights Into Current App Ecosystem

Fyber's Ben Chen on Fox Business News

Growing with the industry as its evolved over the past five years has provided Fyber with unique insights. From the foundations and inner-workings of the mobile app economy to emerging trends, our team at Fyber maintains a deep knowledge of the industry from multiple different perspectives.

As a mobile supply side platform we interact with key players from the top publishers, advertisers, and ad networks. These relationships empower our team to keep up-to-date with the latest industry news.

This past week, Fyber’s depth of knowledge was illustrated through two different broadcast media interviews with our very own Ben Chen, EVP of Developer Relations and Business Development.  As an expert in the mobile monetization field Ben was invited by both Fox Business News and Bloomberg News to share his thoughts on challenges, trends, and the current state of the app ecosystem.

In case you missed these two appearances, check them out here:

Bloomberg News: “Is Kim Kardashian Killing Candy Crush Maker?”

Fox Business News: “Is There An App Bubble?”

Amazing view, even better company: Gamescom 2014 dinner

gamescom 2014 fyber

Cologne is a gorgeous city: the gothic architecture of the cathedral, the cobbled streets and quiet squares. However, viewing the city from 27 floors up is something else altogether.

This week, between the flurry of meetings and sessions at Gamescom 2014, the world’s second largest gaming convention, we welcomed a much-needed break to enjoy this incredible view with 50 of our friends and colleagues. Perched high above the city, the Kölnsky restaurant offered a front row seat to the city skyline, which was made all the more enjoyable by the amazing dishes served up by their team. But while the view and the food were fantastic, the company was even better. Our friends, representatives from all corners of the mobile and gaming industry (and in fact, all corners of the globe!), made for a night of great conversation and networking that won’t soon be forgotten.

We’d like to thank everyone that came out to celebrate with us — we hope to see you soon, either on the conference floor or at a future meeting. In the meantime, don’t be a stranger!


What Does Fyber Value Most As A Company?


Both Fyber’s Berlin and San Francisco offices met today to discuss the unveiling of the company’s newly formalized value system. As Fyber grows in numbers and vision, we felt as though it was more important than ever to have a clear set of values to refer to. Here is a quick look into what matters to us most here at Fyber and how we embody these values on an everyday basis.


Passion: We’re passionate about our products, our team, and our partners.

Team Spirit: We’re open-minded, respectful, and committed to fostering team spirit.

Courage: We’re a no politics, no bullshit gang, with the courage to drive change and accelerate growth.

Excellence: We execute with excellence, focusing on quality, not quantity.

Pragmatism: We make fact-based decisions, solving problems pragmatically.

Accountability: We take ownership of our successes and failures.


With the new rebrand, Fyber is excited for a chance to show everyone how we put these values into action. We even celebrated this morning with cupcakes showcasing each value!



Proving Fyber is tough enough for Tough Mudder

tmlogoIt was a hot and humid summer Saturday in Berlin, a day perfectly suited for enjoying a cold beer in one of the numerous beer-gardens of the city, looking for escape from the sun. However, this was not the plan for a group of incredibly daring guys and girls from Fyber, they were heading to the forests of Lausitz to participate in Tough Mudder and to prove that they were, indeed, tough enough.

The woods surrounding Eurospeedway race track at Lausitz usually echo with the roar of engines, but on this particular day, the forest was filled with the roar of Mudders as they dived into ice-cold water, ran through electrical wires or walked a plank to take the leap of faith into a muddy pool 4 metres below. The track consisted of a 18km run and numerous obstacles to push every competitor to the limit — a real test for endurance.

Perseverance aside, most importantly this challenge was about teamwork. The official pledge of Tough Mudders states: “I put teamwork and camaraderie before my course time.” Fyber team excelled by supporting each other and cheering for each other every step of the course. We couldn’t forget, of course, about having fun. The smiles on the team members’ muddy faces as they crossed the finish line were truly inspiring.



After all being a Mudder is all about taking on the obstacles in your life and the enormous sense of accomplishment that you feel when you overcome them with a smile on your face.

Fyber will be back for sure at the next edition. See you there!




Too early to reminisce about Casual Connect USA?

As Casual Connect meetings come to an end and follow-up emails dwindle down, we can’t help but look back at last week’s great memories.

After the Casual Connect sessions wrapped up last Thursday, folks from the industry gathered at our San Francisco office to celebrate the successful event with a happy hour. This was the perfect opportunity to enjoy some friendly competition and really break-in our new foosball table and ping pong table.



Making the week even better, we received an awesome new ride from our partners at Tune! We’ve been challenged to take this speed racer down Filbert Street (one of the steepest hills in San Francisco), and we just might pass on the idea for one of our execs to consider.

Tune Cart

Also, for those who attended our Fyber party last week and couldn’t get enough of the awesome pictures shared, check out some of the latest pictures below:

backdropguests Fyber Loop ProjectionTetris Crowd VIPlounge
Want to see more pictures? Visit our gallery on Nick Riley Photography and make sure to follow us on Twitter: @Fyber

Fyber Rocks Casual Connect USA with Booth, Panel & Party

Fyber had quite the eventful first day at Casual Connect USA. We started off with an awesome booth packed with our friendly team members who, as you can see in the picture below, were ready and eager to mingle! If you have not yet stopped by to say hello, make sure to find us at booth #416 on the Ground Floor.

Next up was our panel session, “Indie vs. Blockbusters…or Match Made in Heaven?”, led by our very own EVP of Global Dev & Business Relations, Ben Chen. The panel brought together thought leaders from Kabam, Tinyco, Backflip, and Fox Digital.


Following up all this action we felt we had to kick off Casual Connect with a bang and that we did! Fyber’s rebrand party at 620 Jones proved to be the party of year. With over 450 attendees, our guests were treated to delicious drinks and excellent comfort food that set off the night. But, that’s not all that made the night, check out the fun play area we put together. A little bit of jumbo Jenga and Tetris on building walls really got the playful competitors out of the bars and up to the rooftop. Let’s just say that when it’s time to play, we like to go big!  Make sure to stay tuned for more Casual Connect news and follow us on Twitter: @Fyber




Welcome, Rails Girls! Fyber Hosts Two Summer Fellows

We’re very happy to welcome two awesome Rails Girls into our office twice a week as they spend the summer programming for an open source project. Joining companies like Asquera, as one of the host companies for the Rails Girls Summer of Code, we’re opening up our workspace and dedicating resources to two women looking to become full-time programmers.


Magda Frankiewicz (left) and Ute Mayer (right) coding away!

Who are these two mystery programmers? Ute Mayer and Magdalena Frankiewicz were the winners of the Rails Girls’ fellowship this summer. Ute is a computer science student living in Berlin since 2009, and she is also a Rails Girls Berlin organizer who aims to share her passion for technology with as many women as possible. She believes that the best learning comes from hands-on experience, which is why she’s looking forward to working on an open source project this summer. You can check out Ute’s GitHub account here:

Magda comes from a background in cultural management and the non-profit sector. She started learning how to code at the beginning of this year, when she joined Rails Girls Berlin as an organizer and started taking part in a workshop with other beginners. She found the Rails Girls and Ruby community in Berlin to be very inspiring and supportive, so she decided to explore programming in more depth this summer. You can check out Magda’s GitHub account, as well:

As far as the project goes, Ute and Magda will be working on a tool for documentation testing. Nowadays, software documentation quickly becomes outdated and samples of code aren’t always verified. This is especially true for projects relying on integration with other changing software libraries. To fix this issue, Ute and Magda will implement a tool that tests code samples in software documentation. Their second project is to build a documentation website for the web framework Padrino.

If you want to follow along, Ute and Magda are planning a weekly podcast to track their progress and will post updates to their website: