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RUG::B meetup at Fyber

The first Ruby User Group Berlin meetup of 2015 took place on the 8th of January at Fyber. We are always happy to welcome our Ruby developer friends and aficionados but we were a tad worried that the cold weather and the heavy Berlin winter rain will deter many from attending. Who wants to endure these subzero conditions, right? Wrong! Even those Ruby devs that travelled from their Christmas holiday earlier that day, made it out for an evening of Ruby talks, beers and pizza. It was great to see a full house and some great topics to discuss.

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Bodo Tasche gave the guests a fantastic Introduction to Statemachines, you can find the slides to his talk here. By the way, he also does tech podcasts for, if you haven’t checked this site out yet, do so immediately, you are missing out!

Mattias Günther gave a fascinating talk entitled “Lord of the Code Smells for Padrino”, you can find the slides here. He talked about some great tools that will help you discover those deeper problems in the system and help you to avoid smells that lower the quality of your project. Very useful, specifically in the dynamic start-up scene where developers on the team change very often during your application’s lifespan.

2015 is really off to a great start, for RUG::B at least. We at Fyber absolutely can’t wait to see what other great meetups and talks they will organize this year. Join us for the next meetup at Fyber, this time we are having the Scala Group meetup on Thursday 12th of February with a talk by Mathias Doenitz on Reactive Streams & Akka HTTP. Fyber’s doors are always open to you guys!

Are you looking for the perfect opportunity to join Berlin’s vibrant developer community and put your Ruby skills to the test? Fyber’s seven dedicated development teams offer the challenge you are looking for. Check out the job openings on our new careers page.


Happy Holidays, from Fyber

2014 is coming to a close – and oh what a year it’s been! From our 
rebranding journey back in July, to our exciting acquisition news in October, to the many product and mediation partnership announcements in between, this year has been a landmark for us. But the truth of the matter is, we couldn’t have done it without you. Without the support and confidence of our developer and advertiser partners, we wouldn’t have experienced the explosive growth that we’ve achieved over the past five years, and we wouldn’t be sitting where we are today. So we want to take the time this holiday season to thank you for joining us on this exciting ride – we can’t wait to see where 2015 takes us!

Social Point simplifies ad monetization for increased eCPM


In our latest case study, we take a look at how Social Point – one of Europe’s leading game developers with more than 50 million monthly active users – successfully streamlined their ad monetization strategy, while pinpointing key opportunities to maximize revenue. In the study, we examine how Social Point:

  • Achieved average weekly eCPMs between 45-82% higher than publishers who only integrated a single ad source.
  • Determined when and how to tweak the amount of in-game currency rewarded for completing offers.
  • Tackled key ad monetization challenges, such as non-standardized reporting of KPIs from various demand sources and time-consuming integrations.

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FAQ: iOS 8 & 64-bit Support (updated 12/1/2015)

Starting February 1st, 2015, Apple is requiring that all new app submissions to the App Store be developed for iOS 8, using Xcode 6 and including 64-bit support. Beginning June 1, 2015, all updates to existing apps will have to follow the same requirements. To address any questions you may have on this topic, we’ve prepared a detailed FAQ to help you and your team.

As a developer, what do these requirements mean for me?

It means that your app, as well as all SDKs and libraries included in your app, have to comply with the new requirements.

So to avoid rejection of any new apps submitted on or after February 1st, please ensure that your app is built using the iOS 8 SDK and that it fully supports the 64-bit architecture.

If you are looking to convert your app to a 64-bit binary, you can find more information regarding this transition through Apple’s iOS developer library.

What about Fyber’s SDK & the adapters for mediated ad networks?

The Fyber SDK (6.5 or newer) and our mediated ad network adapters already include 64-bit support and are fully compatible with iOS 8 SDK and Xcode 6.

If you are running a version older than 6.5, please download and integrate Fyber’s latest SDK.

What about my mediated ad networks?


Since you are also using the SDKs of your mediated ad networks, in addition to Fyber’s SDK, we recommend that you include only those ad networks whose SDKs are fully compatible with the new requirements. If you are running a version older than the minimum compatible version, please download and integrate that ad network’s latest SDK.

Below is a comprehensive list, based on ad format, regarding the 64-bit compatibility of Fyber’s partner ad network SDKs. Please check with your partners regarding the minimum version required for compatibility.

What if my app is built in Unity?

Unity will be supporting 64-bit in both the existing 4.6 version, as well as in the new Unity 5, which is currently still in beta phase. If you are using an older version, you will need to update.

UPDATE 12/1/2015: According to Unity’s blog, the first public version of Unity 4.6 with 64-bit support should be available by the end of January 2015. If you are using an older version (Unity 4.x/3.x), please refer to the article for more information and advice on upgrade strategies.

For any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Account Manager. All of us at Fyber wish you a happy and safe holiday!



Fyber Celebrates the Holidays!

2014 has been a great year at Fyber – from the unveiling of our new developer dashboard to the announcement of our new corporate brand, as well as many new partnerships that have helped to strengthen our Fyber network.  So it’s no wonder  that we ended the year with a bang, with two unforgettable Christmas parties in our home cities of Berlin and San Francisco.

The Berlin Fyber team celebrated by traveling back to the Golden Twenties – think Marlene Dietrich, think cabaret, opulence, and a truly decadent celebration. Our  fabulous ladies and stylish gentlemen danced the night away at the Tangoloft of Fabrik23. Delicious food and drinks were complemented by piano music, followed by electro swing to finish off the night.


Fyber’s SF office, on the other hand, time-traveled into the past of 1950s America. The team bowled the night away at Mission Bowling in greaser and sock-hop attire, while sipping on speciality holiday cocktails and listening to 50s holiday music.

The two parties were a fantastic way for both of our global teams to to celebrate the holidays and wrap-up a very eventful 2014! 2015, we’re ready for you!


New from Fyber: Ad Control for Rewarded Video

On the heels of our recent roll-out of Ad Control for Interstitials, we’re excited to announce that we’re introducing the same set of features to help you manage your ad monetization strategy for Rewarded Video. You can now easily prioritize your mediated ad networks with our Demand Source Priority rules and manage your users’ ad monetization experience by setting up impression caps and pacing rules directly from the Dashboard, without the need to write a single line of code.

Demand Priority

Demand Source Priority

Fyber’s new Demand Priority feature allows you to stay in control of your direct deals, while continuing to benefit from Fyber’s Predictive Algorithm to optimize the rest of your demand sources. Want to top-rank a video ad network because you have a direct deal with that specific partner?  Just drag and drop the mediated ad networks into the order you’d like to prioritize them and indicate whether you’d like to apply these settings to a specific country or globally.

For example, let’s say you have a deal with Ad Networks A & B in the US and UK. You can easily top rank them just for those countries, which means that in those regions they will be served before all other demand sources. Then, after the ads from your top-choice ad networks are called, you could either rank a second choice ad network, or group together multiple ad networks and leave it up to Fyber’s Predictive Algorithm to serve the top-paying ads.

Ad Delivery Rules

Ad Delivery Rules

Show your users the right ads at the right time with Fyber’s new Frequency-Capping and Pacing features. The impression cap allows you to define the maximum number of impressions allowed per day for each user, while the pacing rule lets you decide exactly how often your users are exposed to ads. These rules can be applied to all regions or defined per country.

For example, let’s say your app has demonstrated strong in-app purchase revenues in Germany, so you want to reduce your users’ exposure to ads. You can set up a delivery rule in this specific country that defines a max of 10 impressions per day and a pacing rule that allows ads to be shown every 50 minutes, while the rest of the region is served with 20 impressions per day and a pacing of every 15 minutes.

Ready to get started?

These features are readily available through the Ad Monetization Dashboard for your iOS applications, but to take advantage of them on Android, please ensure that your app is using Fyber SDK 6.5 or a newer version (download our latest SDK). For any additional questions, please contact your Account Manager.


Rails Girls Hackday @ Fyber

rails girls fyber berlinRails Girls events aim to provide the “tools and a community for women to understand technology and to build their ideas.” The Rails Girls events have been welcomed by the developer community with open arms – and did we mention they’re also a lot of fun?

On December 6th, Fyber opened its doors to welcome 70 eager code learners and coaches for a Rails Girls Winter Hackday. Our guests participated in group projects, as well as “beginner” and “lightning” track talks on Ruby and other coding topics. The workshop also gave guidance on further education with organizations like OpenTechSchool, a community initiative which organizes “welcoming and inclusive code learning [events]…for technology enthusiasts of all ages, genders, backgrounds, and experience levels”.

The Rails Girls mingled, and some even played a few foosball and table tennis matches. But the fun didn’t stop there: to finish off an already exciting day, the Rails Girls went to the local Christmas Market for some Glühwein and networking. Check out more pictures from the Hackday at the Rails Girls’ flickr.

Thanks to everyone who attended – we’ll see you in 2015 for our next Rails Girls Workshop and, in the meantime, wish you Happy Holidays!

Fyber’s Janis Zech Featured at NOAH Growth Talk

Janis_Zech_NOAHImage source: Thanos Kosmidis

On November 13th and 14th, hundreds of
C-level execs from the world’s leading internet companies met at the annual NOAH Conference in London. As one of Europe’s premier summits for internet executives and entrepreneurs, NOAH provides a forum for leaders to network and collaborate, share their insights, and discuss industry trends. Fyber’s own Janis Zech, co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer, was in attendance as a featured speaker to discuss Fyber’s evolution into a full-stack mobile supply side platform.

His presentation, entitled “The Fyber Evolution: Embracing Change in the Mobile App Ecosystem”, discussed Fyber’s rapid five-year growth from a sales-driven vertical ad network into the organization that it is today: offering a full-stack supply-side platform, operating internationally with over 250 people, and achieving a valuation of $190M. For example, Fyber recognized at an early stage the potential in mobile market, and shifted operations accordingly to capitalize on this growth trend. At the same time, this evolution meant that Fyber had to address the challenges faced by developers with regard to mobile ad monetization, such as: demand fragmentation, yield optimization on mobile, and the ability to quickly make refinements to one’s monetization strategy, in an ecosystem where frequent app updates are constrained by long lead times and high cost.

The presentation covered key lessons that Fyber management learned over the past five years, including:

  • How the rapid evolution of the company and its industry introduced both threats and opportunities. For example, while expansion in the mobile market presented ample opportunity for growth, it also created a highly-competitive market in which agile development and swift reactivity were necessary in order to achieve success.
  • The importance of recognizing disruptive ideas and iterating on them to achieve success, as well as ensuring that your product roadmap constantly evolves to address key industry challenges.
  • How to support external success from the inside by cultivating a culture that is innovative and embraces change.

Missed this event? Find out where the Fyber team is heading next by following us on Twitter for all the latest news.

Announcing New Mediation Partnership with AdColony

We’re excited to publicly announce our new mediation partnership with AdColony. This partnership means that app developers working with Fyber’s Mediation platform can now benefit from access to even more Rewarded Video and Interstitial demand for their advertising inventory.

AdColony is a mobile video advertising platform whose proprietary
Instant-Play™ technology serves razor sharp, crystal-clear video AdColony1
ads instantly in HD across the world’s hottest apps. As the leading mobile video advertising and monetization platform, AdColony works with Fortune 500 brands and more than 70% of the world’s top grossing publishers.

Integrating Rewarded Video and Interstitial ads from AdColony via Fyber’s platform is fast and easy with the SDK adapters provided below. To add AdColony as a new mediated ad network, contact your Account Manager.

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User Acquisition: 5 Tips to Gear Up for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is renowned for driving record app downloads, as millions of new devices are unwrapped and tested by lucky new owners. According to ABI Research, over 280 million smartphones were shipped during the fourth quarter of 2013. And with the recent release of a new generation of iPhones and iPads – as well as new Android devices from Google/Motorola, Samsung, and more – it’s clear that this year will be no exception. Most importantly for app developers, the holidays also mark the time of the year when owners of new smartphones are actively looking for cool, useful and fun apps to populate their devices.

Through Fyber’s Ad Marketplace, we typically see an inventory boost of over 35% during the last quarter of the year. With users being especially active during the weekends and holidays, we also expect to see a 50% increase in install volume. Since this season is so critical for app discovery, we’ve compiled a list of tips that will prepare you to win new users for your app:

1. Submit your app in a timely manner for app store review

While the automated validation process through Google Play takes just a few hours, review periods prior to the holiday season have been a major pain point for developers targeting iOS users. Even though the review periods have been relatively speedy throughout 2014, the process usually slows during the last quarter of the year. The App Store’s average review period of 7 days can increase to 9-12 business days at the end of November and rise even higher in December. In addition, iTunes Connect generally shuts down for about a week starting a few days before Christmas, meaning that releases scheduled to go live between these dates will be delayed. So ensure that you account for enough time to receive the proper validation for your app.

2. Review your bidding strategy

The holidays are a period of fierce competition for visibility, driving up bid prices across all traffic providers. As a result, it’s important to plan your budgets accordingly. Many advertisers reserve the biggest chunk of their advertising budget for the end of the year.

Despite this spike in acquisition cost, there are various tactics that can help you meet your user acquisition objectives during the holiday season. Whether you’re looking to launch a new app or grow your user base, your Account Manager will advise you on the best bidding strategy for your needs.

3. Account for varied peak times in different markets

If you’re planning a global app launch, we recommend you optimize your campaigns according to the various peak times in different markets. For example, our most successful advertisers in the United States spread their campaign budgets throughout the entire holiday season, from Cyber Monday through to the New Year and into January, rather than focusing only on Christmas. So have a chat with your Account Manager to discuss if you should adjust your user acquisition strategy based on the countries you want to target and their specific peak times.

4. Continue to run campaigns in the following quarter

With so many new devices activated during the holiday season, the momentum in inventory boost continues well into January and February. Acquisition costs tend to drop and stabilize in late January. Consider extending your campaigns into the new year to capitalize on this trend. By re-engaging with users over time and solidifying user loyalty, you can make the most out of your user acquisition budget.

5. Plan in advance with your Account Manager

Don’t wait until the last minute to set up and launch your campaigns. Reach out to your Account Manager as early as possible to discuss your user acquisition strategy during this key season. We have you covered regarding all aspects of campaign management, from set-up to optimization. We’ll also provide information on special holiday placements available from our premium publishers and explain how you can review your bid strategy to secure those placements.

If you have any questions regarding your holiday campaign strategy, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our Account Managers are happy to guide you through this key advertiser season and assist you in maximizing ROI for your user acquisition campaigns.