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Announcing New Mediation Partnership with AdColony

We’re excited to publicly announce our new mediation partnership with AdColony. This partnership means that app developers working with Fyber’s Mediation platform can now benefit from access to even more Rewarded Video and Interstitial demand for their advertising inventory.

AdColony is a mobile video advertising platform whose proprietary
Instant-Play™ technology serves razor sharp, crystal-clear video AdColony1
ads instantly in HD across the world’s hottest apps. As the leading mobile video advertising and monetization platform, AdColony works with Fortune 500 brands and more than 70% of the world’s top grossing publishers.

Integrating Rewarded Video and Interstitial ads from AdColony via Fyber’s platform is fast and easy with the SDK adapters provided below. To add AdColony as a new mediated ad network, contact your Account Manager.

Android Adapter Button iOS Adapter Button

User Acquisition: 5 Tips to Gear Up for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is renowned for driving record app downloads, as millions of new devices are unwrapped and tested by lucky new owners. According to ABI Research, over 280 million smartphones were shipped during the fourth quarter of 2013. And with the recent release of a new generation of iPhones and iPads – as well as new Android devices from Google/Motorola, Samsung, and more – it’s clear that this year will be no exception. Most importantly for app developers, the holidays also mark the time of the year when owners of new smartphones are actively looking for cool, useful and fun apps to populate their devices.

Through Fyber’s Ad Marketplace, we typically see an inventory boost of over 35% during the last quarter of the year. With users being especially active during the weekends and holidays, we also expect to see a 50% increase in install volume. Since this season is so critical for app discovery, we’ve compiled a list of tips that will prepare you to win new users for your app:

1. Submit your app in a timely manner for app store review

While the automated validation process through Google Play takes just a few hours, review periods prior to the holiday season have been a major pain point for developers targeting iOS users. Even though the review periods have been relatively speedy throughout 2014, the process usually slows during the last quarter of the year. The App Store’s average review period of 7 days can increase to 9-12 business days at the end of November and rise even higher in December. In addition, iTunes Connect generally shuts down for about a week starting a few days before Christmas, meaning that releases scheduled to go live between these dates will be delayed. So ensure that you account for enough time to receive the proper validation for your app.

2. Review your bidding strategy

The holidays are a period of fierce competition for visibility, driving up bid prices across all traffic providers. As a result, it’s important to plan your budgets accordingly. Many advertisers reserve the biggest chunk of their advertising budget for the end of the year.

Despite this spike in acquisition cost, there are various tactics that can help you meet your user acquisition objectives during the holiday season. Whether you’re looking to launch a new app or grow your user base, your Account Manager will advise you on the best bidding strategy for your needs.

3. Account for varied peak times in different markets

If you’re planning a global app launch, we recommend you optimize your campaigns according to the various peak times in different markets. For example, our most successful advertisers in the United States spread their campaign budgets throughout the entire holiday season, from Cyber Monday through to the New Year and into January, rather than focusing only on Christmas. So have a chat with your Account Manager to discuss if you should adjust your user acquisition strategy based on the countries you want to target and their specific peak times.

4. Continue to run campaigns in the following quarter

With so many new devices activated during the holiday season, the momentum in inventory boost continues well into January and February. Acquisition costs tend to drop and stabilize in late January. Consider extending your campaigns into the new year to capitalize on this trend. By re-engaging with users over time and solidifying user loyalty, you can make the most out of your user acquisition budget.

5. Plan in advance with your Account Manager

Don’t wait until the last minute to set up and launch your campaigns. Reach out to your Account Manager as early as possible to discuss your user acquisition strategy during this key season. We have you covered regarding all aspects of campaign management, from set-up to optimization. We’ll also provide information on special holiday placements available from our premium publishers and explain how you can review your bid strategy to secure those placements.

If you have any questions regarding your holiday campaign strategy, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our Account Managers are happy to guide you through this key advertiser season and assist you in maximizing ROI for your user acquisition campaigns.


Introducing Fyber SDK 7.0: Configuring your ad networks has never been easier.

Fyber’s latest SDK 7.0 (for Android, iOS, and Unity) is now available for download through the Developer Portal. Let’s take a look at what’s new…

Dashboard Network Settings

Configuration copy

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the usability of our SDK, we’ve introduced a new feature that makes it easier for developers to configure and integrate mediated ad networks.

There’s no longer a need to insert SDK credentials into your application project, instead,  just fill them out through the network configuration form in the Dashboard.  During initialization, the SDK automatically retrieves the values and initializes each third party ad network SDK with the appropriate values.

If you wish to continue using the current client-based method to provide credentials, you can still do so, whether it’s for testing purposes or live deployment.

Multiple Virtual Currencies

Virtual_Currencies copy

The new Multiple Virtual Currencies feature allows you to adjust the reward system for any app and ad format.

Under the App settings tab in the Dashboard, you will find an option to create additional virtual currencies, as well as setting up a default. You can then associate each currency with a different ad format.

For more information about these new features, please refer to our FAQs : Multiple Virtual Currencies and Dashboard Network Settings. For any additional questions, please contact your Account Manager.

Ready to get started?

Download our new SDK and Unity Plugin:



Fyber Welcomes RUG::B

What better way to spend a fall evening than with hot dogs, artisan beers, and Ruby talks? Fyber was excited to once again welcome the Ruby User Group Berlin to our office for their monthly meetup. The turnout was impressive, with more than 90 rubyists in attendance, including many of Fyber’s own ruby developers. The lounge was packed and the spirits were high. Topics ranged from trait implementation in various coding languages, to the Shoes4 toolkit for writing fun applications in Ruby. Finally, two Rails Girls, Ute and Magda, told us about their “summer of code” in which they created Ataru, a command line tool for documentation testing. Fyber was one of the companies to welcome Magda and Ute during the summer and offer them a place to work and learn, so we were excited to see the results of their project and to hear about their fantastic journey. You can read more about their project on the Fyber blog and on their website.

We’re looking forward to hosting more RUG::B meetups in the future and hope to see many new faces at our office in 2015!

GDC Next Brings Top Pubs and Indie Devs Together in Los Angeles

GDC-Collage-1_webThis week’s GDC Next 2014 – a more intimate version of its San Francisco-based counterpart – featured talks conducted by some of the biggest players in the mobile gaming space. From Rovio to GREE, industry leaders shared their thoughts on how indie developers can reach a wide audience and most effectively monetize.

Aside from the numerous panels that took place over the course of the event, GDC Next also highlighted the hottest new indie games through the Media Indie Exchange Showcase (MIX). At MIX, attendees were able to demo innovative games that spanned from interactive puzzles to more immersive Oculus Rift assisted titles such as Homesick by Lucky Pause.


Not only did GDC showcase the newest technologies in gaming, but it also brought us back…way back, through the Video Game History Museum traveling exhibit, a fan favorite from past Game Developers Conferences. Spanning over 25 years of video game history, this exhibit shows just how far the industry has come and why many mobile game developers fell in love with games in the first place!

In addition to attending sessions and exhibits, the Fyber team loved seeing old faces and meeting-up with new ones. Did we miss you at the event? Meet us at Casual Connect Belgrade, Apps World London, and M1 Summit, or contact [email protected] to set up a meeting with us.

Halloween @ Fyber

Whether you are into the creepy, scary, and horrifying, or just in it for the candy, Halloween is a great holiday. It’s the time of year when you can dress up in the silliest or spookiest of costumes, eat a weekly ration of sweets, or show off your pumpkin carving skills. We at Fyber did all of the above.

The Berlin office had a pumpkin carving competition, a scary movie marathon and candy… oh so much candy.

Fyber Halloween Berlin

On the other side of the pond, in our San Francisco office, Fyber had twice as much to be excited about. This year, Halloween coincided with the Giants parade down Market Street, which gave us a fantastic view of the festivities. We even had some partners and friends over to get a better view of the parade and celebrate with us.

Our costume contest was neck-in-neck, as everyone really gave it their all. From spooky ghosts to sparkly fairies, our office had the full spectrum of Halloween attire!

Fyber Halloween SF 1Fyber Halloween SF 2


Soar in Q4: Make the most of holiday traffic.

Fyber mobile advertising revenue optimization monetization gaming

It’s no surprise that holiday downtime leads to increased user activity – more activity means more available ad impressions, which is why Q4 is an ideal time to integrate an ad monetization solution and make the most of holiday traffic. Across the board, Fyber clients demonstrate impressive growth during the holidays; in this spotlight piece, we take a closer look at this seasonal trend and at the significant revenue boosts experienced by Fyber client, Smule, during the 2013 holiday season.

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Your strategy, Your way: Fyber’s Ad Control for Interstitials

At Fyber, our job is to simplify how app developers manage their advertising revenue. Today,we’re excited to announce that we’re rolling out a new set of features to our platform that allow you to further customize and refine your interstitial ad strategy at the click of a button.

fyber interstitial ad demand priority feature

Demand Priority
It’s now easier than ever to customize and prioritize your demand sources for interstitials. Want to top-rank an ad network? In specific regions, or globally? With Fyber’s new Demand Priority features, the choice is yours. And customizing your strategy is simple: Just drag and drop the networks into the order of prioritization!

This new feature allows you to stay in control of your direct relationships with demand partners for interstitial ads, while continuing to take advantage of Fyber’s Predictive Algorithm.

For example, let’s say you have an exclusive deal with Ad Network A in Europe and Ad Network B in the US. You can top-rank each of these networks in their respective regions, and then after the ads from your top-choice networks are called, you could either rank a second choice demand source, or group together multiple ad networks and leave it up to Fyber’s Predictive Algorithm to serve the top-paying ads.

fyber interstitial ad delivery rules feature

Ad Delivery Rules
Show your users the right interstitial ads at the right time, pacing it with Fyber’s new Frequency-Capping and Pacing features. The impression cap allows you to define the maximum number of impressions allowed per day, while the pacing rule gives you the freedom to define exactly how often an ad should be served. Rules can be applied to all regions or defined by country.

The purpose of this feature is to allow our partners to refine their ad strategy and influence the user experience, based on their goals for each region. For example, let’s say that your app has demonstrated strong in-app purchase performance in the UK – you may decide to turn off ads completely for that region. Or perhaps you might limit ads to five impressions per day. You can further refine the user experience by setting the pacing rules – for example, allowing an ad to be shown every 30 minutes, in order to not disrupt game play.

Ready to Get Started?
Fyber’s new features are already available for interstitial ads through the Ad Monetization Dashboard. Using rewarded video ads? We’re currently working to roll out these controls for that format, so stay tuned – we’ll be sure to update you as soon as it’s available! For any additional questions, please contact your Account Manager.


Outfittery @ Fyber


After a long and busy week, it’s good to take a break from work, relax, and talk about interesting things other than the app economy, for example – fashion. Thankfully, our friends from the Outfittery were ready to help.

Not surprisingly, we had a lot of interest expressed at Fyber; many wanted to learn new things about fashion, get their measurements taken, and perhaps do some shopping with the Outfittery online service. Fyber fashion-conscious gentlemen had a fantastic evening of style advice from Outfittery stylists, music, and drinks. Friday nights don’t get better than this.

As for the fashionista ladies of Fyber, another event will surely happen soon to cater to your style needs.

Until then, remember a quote by one of the most influential designers of our time, and a style icon herself, Coco Chanel: “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

Long live fashion!

Fyber @ RubyConf



Braga is a sleepy city in northwestern Portugal filled with historical monuments and beautiful architecture. The views that open on the hills are breathtaking and the winding cobblestone streets hide architectural gems behind every corner. The Braga cathedral is the centerpoint of the city and presents an intricate mix of gothic and early baroque architecture.

It’s in this magical location that the first ever RubyConf Portugal took place. Ruby developers from all over Europe flooded the historical city for two days of talks, workshops, networking, and fun. There was also great food, a traditional Portuguese band, and even some karaoke.

The talks included: “Writing Fast Ruby”, “Ruby’s Gems”, and “Search Your Feelings: Multi-Table Full Text Search in Postgres”. Fyber was proud to be an event sponsor, continuing its support for the Ruby community.

It was an amazing conference and we are looking forward to seeing you again at future Ruby conferences and meetups soon, in any part of the world!