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DeNA Selects Fyber as Leading Ad Monetization Partner in US


We’re excited to announce that DeNA has selected Fyber as its leading mobile ad monetization partner in the United States. DeNA is a global Internet company that develops and operates a broad range of mobile and online services including games, e-commerce, and other diversified offerings. Founded in 1999, DeNA is headquartered in Tokyo with offices and game development studios across the globe.

Late last year, DeNA began working with Fyber to test the effectiveness of various mobile ad monetization strategies including rewarded video, interstitials and offer walls. The test was deployed on two apps – Super Battle Tactics and TRANSFORMERS: Age of Extinction – in both the iOS and Android gaming environments. The implementation immediately drove strong results in terms of increased engagement, video views, and revenue growth, resulting in Fyber being selected as DeNA’s chosen monetization provider.

  • Super Battle Tactics saw an overall ARPDAU (Average Revenue Per Daily Active User ) lift of 2 cents, with several days peaking at a 4 cent increase
  • The top 25% of players watched 6 or more videos a day and the average player watched at least 3 videos per day
  • Fyber’s implementation on TRANSFORMERS: Age of Extinction drove a surge in engagement through rewarded video. More than 17 years’ worth of free gameplay was delivered to players and approx. 15,000 free characters were rewarded

“The early successes we have seen from our partnership with Fyber prove the tremendous potential behind mobile ad monetization,” said Barry Dorf, Vice President of Partnerships and Alliances, DeNA. “Fyber has become a trusted partner that provides high-touch guidance and counsel around viable, practical solutions to better monetize our portfolio. Fyber will be instrumental in helping DeNA achieve our aggressive goals.”

“It’s our mission to empower our partners to discover and execute smarter ad monetization strategies,” said Janis Zech, Co-founder and CTO, Fyber. “We are thrilled to be supporting amazing companies like DeNA and helping to engage and delight their users in new and authentic ways.”

This announcement comes on the heels of Fyber’s GDC Fireside Chat, where Alex Wilhelm of TechCrunch, DeNA’s Barry Dorf and Fyber’s David Diaz will share and discuss their thoughts on the future and trends of game monetization and the role that advertising will play as part of the monetization mix. If you’re attending the conference, we invite you to join us for this or one of three other sessions that we will be hosting!

If you are not able to attend one of the sessions, but would like to meet with a member of our team, click here to set up a meeting. Look forward to seeing you at the show!


Introducing Fyber’s RTB Exchange

We’re excited to announce the open beta of Fyber’s Real Time Bidding (RTB) platform. Through RTB – a programmatic technology – Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) and their advertisers can bid on app developers’ inventory in real time and apply fine-tuned targeting on the inventory most relevant to them. With this launch, Fyber now brings together a mediation layer across Interstitials and Rewarded Video with an RTB exchange.

For DSPs, Fyber’s OpenRTB-based exchange enables access to a growing base of unique mobile inventory through Fyber’s mobile Supply Side Platform, with 100% in-app placements from premium developers. Through high-performance ad formats – including Opt-in Video and Interstitials – DSPs and their advertisers can reach the segments that matter most from Fyber’s 150M+ monthly unique users and adjust their campaign budgets in real time to respond to performance. DSPs already integrated into Fyber’s RTB program include TradeMob, Mars Media Group, Ajillion, Pocket Math, Remerge and Liquid M.

RTB_Blog_Janis_Quote“With the introduction of RTB into the Fyber platform, our goal is to serve as a one-stop shop for publishers to manage all of their mobile advertising needs,” said Janis Zech, Fyber’s Co-founder and CRO. “For DSPs, we want to become the de facto platform for transacting high-value ad formats such as Interstitials. We knew this was an inevitable move for Fyber, and are thrilled to be rounding out our stack and offering RTB, especially as more budget and demand moves towards programmatic. This move enables us to provide developers
with access to all budgets available in the exchange.”

For developers, the launch of Fyber’s RTB Exchange means instant access to more high-quality Interstitial – and soon, Rewarded Video – demand, from leading DSPs with larger budgets. Programmatic demand competes against developers’ other demand sources, including mediation, to ensure that the highest-paying ad is always served first.

“It’s great to see Fyber’s platform expand to support RTB for mobile advertising,” said Reid Sheppard, Director, Analytics Technology and Ad Revenue, Sunstorm Games. “Programmatic access to larger ad budgets and more inventory will allow us to utilize the Fyber platform to the full extent, providing efficiency and more revenue streams.”


Ready to take advantage of the power of programmatic?



Happy Holidays, from Fyber

2014 is coming to a close – and oh what a year it’s been! From our 
rebranding journey back in July, to our exciting acquisition news in October, to the many product and mediation partnership announcements in between, this year has been a landmark for us. But the truth of the matter is, we couldn’t have done it without you. Without the support and confidence of our developer and advertiser partners, we wouldn’t have experienced the explosive growth that we’ve achieved over the past five years, and we wouldn’t be sitting where we are today. So we want to take the time this holiday season to thank you for joining us on this exciting ride – we can’t wait to see where 2015 takes us!

Fyber Celebrates the Holidays!

2014 has been a great year at Fyber – from the unveiling of our new developer dashboard to the announcement of our new corporate brand, as well as many new partnerships that have helped to strengthen our Fyber network.  So it’s no wonder  that we ended the year with a bang, with two unforgettable Christmas parties in our home cities of Berlin and San Francisco.

The Berlin Fyber team celebrated by traveling back to the Golden Twenties – think Marlene Dietrich, think cabaret, opulence, and a truly decadent celebration. Our  fabulous ladies and stylish gentlemen danced the night away at the Tangoloft of Fabrik23. Delicious food and drinks were complemented by piano music, followed by electro swing to finish off the night.


Fyber’s SF office, on the other hand, time-traveled into the past of 1950s America. The team bowled the night away at Mission Bowling in greaser and sock-hop attire, while sipping on speciality holiday cocktails and listening to 50s holiday music.

The two parties were a fantastic way for both of our global teams to to celebrate the holidays and wrap-up a very eventful 2014! 2015, we’re ready for you!


Via VentureBeat: RNTS Media acquires Fyber for $190M


Today is a very special day for Fyber. We’re excited to announce that we have received significant investment through the acquisition by RNTS Media N.V., a global media company based in Europe. Fyber will become the centerpiece of RNTS Media as a subsidiary, and together we will continue to build the best mobile supply side platform for app developers.

Head over to VentureBeat to read more about Fyber’s big news, including thoughts from Fyber co-founder and CEO, Andreas Bodczek.

Fyber joins forces with RNTS Media

linkedin_header_646x190px (2)
Since our launch in 2009, it’s hard to believe that five years have passed so quickly. We’ve witnessed the advertising technology landscape transform dramatically, and as the industry has evolved, so have we.

Today is a very special day for Fyber. We’re excited to announce that we have received significant investment through the acquisition by RNTS Media N.V., a global media company based in Europe. Fyber will become the centerpiece of RNTS Media as a subsidiary, and together we will continue to build the best mobile supply side platform for app developers. This is the start of the next phase of our evolution at Fyber, and we’re grateful to be empowered by RNTS Media so that we can double down and accelerate our growth on all fronts. The milestones we’ve hit along our journey, and the value we’ve grown to deliver today, gives us confidence that we’re doing something right.

We know there are still growing pains and the future will bring new mountains to climb, but we’re prepared to take on the challenges. The ad tech world is growing at a rapid pace, and it is incumbent upon us to continue evolving and improving our solutions to meet our partners’ needs. To get there, our core focus remains unchanged: to build strong and lasting partnerships with the world’s leading app developers by offering a comprehensive mobile supply side platform. This means that we’ll continue to offer the same suite of solutions our partners have come to trust, and we’ll be able to move with more speed to improve and expand these offerings. In addition, this transaction will further enable Fyber to deliver innovative solutions by investing in additional resources to accelerate our product development and evolve in key markets.

We want to thank every single one of our employees for joining us on this incredible ride and continually pushing the envelope to make Fyber a great company. Your passion, your dedication, and your contributions have brought us this far, and we’re thrilled that together we’ll continue to grow Fyber.

To our wonderful developer partners and advertiser clients, what would Fyber be without you? We’re extremely grateful for both your faith and patience, not to mention your amazing support. It’s been a busy year for us – from the re-branding of our company, to the news that we’re sharing with you today.  All of us here at Fyber are committed to supporting your needs, and we look forward to embarking on the next phase of our growth together.

On a side note, we’d like to share that we are currently hiring for more than 60 positions worldwide to support our expanding operations. If you’re interested in joining us on the next step of our journey, or would like to recommend someone who might be a great fit, please contact our hiring team at [email protected].

andreas-sig                 janis sig

– Andreas Bodczek and Janis Zech
Co-founders of Fyber


SF Meets Berlin

berlin san francisco fyber ad tech careers

Last week, Fyber’s San Francisco headquarters were a little quieter than usual, as the SF-based marketing team took off for HQ in Berlin!

A hop, skip, and 14 hours later, our sleepy-eyed California crew set up shop in the Berlin home office. The week was jam-packed with meetings, workshops, and even a special team project. Since we don’t often get the chance to meet our Berlin teammates face-to-face (and in the same time zone), we made sure to make the most of it.

berlin fyber careers advertising technology

But of course, we were in one of Europe’s most exciting cultural centers, so you know we couldn’t spend all our time behind the desk. Naturally we took time to enjoy the sights, the sounds, and – of course – the food of Berlin.

The highlight of our trip was a team Segway tour around some of the city’s most recognizable landmarks. We zipped along the banks of the Spree river, past Bellevue Palace and the Victory Column, through the Brandenburg Gate, and ended in front of the Reichstag Building. Afterwards, we headed over to the restaurant Lokal to tuck into some delicious German fare.

As the saying goes: time flies when you’re having fun – and we definitely were! Before we knew it, it was time to head back to San Francisco, many of us with a few boxes of German chocolate in tow.

To the Berlin crew: thanks for showing us a great time in your city and being fantastic hosts!
Until next time…


Fyber at ProductCamp 2014

Blog_Pic (1)

It’s not easy to create a product that consumers love, and creating an enjoyable user experience requires much more than a clean interface and easy usability. On September 13th, the Fraunhofer Fokus Institute in Berlin opened its doors to ProductCamp 2014, where attendees were eager to learn how to strike that elusive balance which makes a great product. Product managers, agile coaches, scrum masters, and more – joined in a day of workshops and talks on various product development topics, from Iterative & Incremental Product Development to Developer Marketing to using Google Analytics for customer research.

The Fyber team had the opportunity to meet a lot of great attendees and to learn more about the importance of following a structured design process; asking customers what they want, creating user personas and doing what you do – with love.

As for sharing our own knowledge, Fyber’s very own Technical Product Manager, Jakub Uniejewski, was honored with the opportunity to give a talk on product experience. Jakub provided three real-life stories from his career which demonstrated that product experience is much more than just UX. User experience issues might arise with no fault on the part of the product manager, as external circumstances that one can’t influence often come into play. However, it’s up to the product manager to research and solve these issues and on occasions, it may require taking bold decisions for a better user experience, over short term gains. The takeaway is; you’ve got to take risks, be bold, and be innovative to become a good product manager – not to mention possessing good research and analytical skills worthy of Sherlock Holmes.

We’re looking forward to the next series of ProductCamp events coming up in Q4, which will take place not only in Germany, but globally in Australia and the U.S. See you all there!

dmexco 2014: Back from the future of the digital marketing industry

dmexco is not your average digital marketing industry gathering, it’s a trip to the future. A hotbed of business meetings, ideas and networking, dmexco 2014 delivered excellently on the promise of ‘Entering new Dimensions’, the overarching theme of this year’s conference. It did so not only through the impressive size of the exposition (spread over three vast aircraft hangar-sized buildings), but also through the top-class speakers and their visionary perspectives on the future of the digital economy.

This year, the theme of innovation was clearly top-of-mind. As the mobile ad tech industry starts to consolidate, it must continue to innovate its technology, its products and the way it does business. This is especially relevant in a world where each marketing dollar is scrutinized from every conceivable angle to gauge ROI.

Meanwhile, at the Fyber booth, there was a lot of conference action: we were thrilled to see deep interest in our video and performance advertising offerings. Other topics of discussion spanned from our ad mediation solution to our user acquisition capabilities. The inspiring conversations confirmed that we deliver great value for advertisers and offered a wealth of take-aways on how we can further improve our product offerings.

All in all, it was another fantastic year for Europe’s premier digital event. Check out a snapshot of the highlights below! A big thank you for everyone who stopped by our booth. We look forward to seeing you again in 2015 as we’ll be going back to…the future!

Fyber @ dmexco 2014

RUG::B Meetup at Fyber

rug:b berlin ruby developer fyber
What do Ruby developers do on an average Thursday night in Berlin? Well, on one particular Thursday night last week, more than 60 members of the RUG::B group (Ruby User Group :: Berlin) were welcomed to the Fyber office for their monthly meetup to enjoy exciting Ruby presentations and discussions, along with pizza and an impressive selection of artisan beers.

The hot topics discussed included:

Afterwards, Weidenfeld took his place at the DJ decks, as the most determined guests stayed for more chatting and playing a round or two of Fußball.

To our fellow RUG::B members: we don’t know how your Friday at work was following the meetup, but the Fyber team definitely needed an espresso or two to kick start the morning! Tired eyes aside, the exciting evening was well worth it, and we are looking forward to welcoming the RUG::B group again soon!

rug:b berlin ruby developers fyber