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Partnership with Chukong USA offers Cocos 2d-x developers easy access to Fyber

cocos2dx_landscapeWe’re thrilled to announce today our partnership with Chukong USA to offer the growing Cocos2d-x developer community easy access to Fyber’s leading ad monetization platform through Cocos SDKBOX. Cocos SDKBOX is an open platform that supports all major services of a mobile game’s production and operation, in the areas of analytics, user acquisition, monetization, advertising, and more. Cocos2d-x is the largest open source mobile game engine with 490,000 registered mobile game developers and over 50,000 published titles.

Kai Zhao, GM of Chukong USA, said: “Today’s SDKBOX version 1.3 update is chock-full of capabilities designed to streamline a developer’s live ops. In that vein, Fyber was a natural partner for this initiative because their platform is designed to maximize revenues and simplify ad network integration so that developers can truly make the most of their monetization strategy.”

Through SDKBOX, developers using the Cocos2d-x engine will be able to integrate Fyber’s SDK at the click of a button. This means instant access to all the benefits offered by Fyber’s ad monetization platform, including:

  • High-quality demand from the world’s leading ad networks, all integrated through a unified SDK
  • Simple integration and hassle-free maintenance
  • Complete control over developer’s monetization strategy from an easy-to-use dashboard with actionable insights
  • Various rewarded and non-rewarded ad formats that provide flexibility
  • Access to additional demand at scale through the Fyber Exchange

Ted Liang, General Manager of Fyber North America, said: “We are delighted to partner with Chukong and offer the growing Cocos2d-x developer community access to Fyber’s monetization platform. We have heavily invested in our platform to bring mobile developers best-in-class technology to execute smart ad monetization, so that they can focus their energies on what they do best – creating great mobile games.”

For more information on Cocos SDKBOX, visit If you’re a Cocos 2d-x developer and have questions about getting started with Fyber, please contact [email protected].

Fyber partners with AppNexus to strengthen programmatic video offering

AppNexus_LogoThe demand for video advertising, particularly programmatic solutions, is stronger than ever before. eMarketer estimates the value of the global online video market at approximately $7.8 billion for 2015, with 30% of that amount qualifying as programmatic-only. Furthermore, programmatic video spend is expected to more than double in 2016.

Over the past few months, Fyber has focused heavily on the growth of our programmatic video exchange, offering clients even more access to the world’s leading demand. Today, we are thrilled to announce the addition of AppNexus to Fyber’s video programmatic exchange. This brings our impressive roster of DSP and demand source partners to over 120. The strength of Fyber’s growing platform is evident in the numbers: Just this month, we announced that our programmatic video product saw weekly revenue increases of more than 250% and impression increases of over 330% between May and August 2015.

“AppNexus is a natural fit for Fyber’s programmatic platform,” said Fyber VP of Business Development, Erwin Plomp. “Its high-quality, scalable demand is a fantastic match for the top-ranking developers that use Fyber’s Supply Side Platform, and allows us to offer even more value to our publisher clients.”

AppNexus announced its entry into the programmatic video market in June. Early testing of their video product indicated excellent ROI for leading agency clients, such as Collective UK, the multiscreen programmatic media company, and Xaxis EMEA, the programmatic media platform within the advertising agency holding group, WPP.

“Partnering with industry leaders such as Fyber is critical for us as we build out a broad and deep portfolio of supply for an open video marketplace,” shared Eric Hoffert, AppNexus’ SVP of video technology. “Fyber’s focus on mobile video and global inventory is particularly attractive to many of our buyers. Together we are committed to maximizing reach and value for marketers to deliver campaigns for video users across multiple devices.”

Fyber parent company RNTS Media raises $112M in convertible bond to fuel future growth

fyber rnts media convertible bond funding It’s been a transformational year for Fyber. We’ve been extremely privileged to share a string of exciting developments, from our own acquisition news, to the acquisition of Falk Realtime to strengthen our programmatic business, to the record number of new product developments that we’ve brought to the market – including the launch of our own programmatic exchange, the introduction of developer-friendly mediation bundles, and the roll-out of industry-leading pre-caching controls. In addition, just weeks ago we announced the expansion of our leadership team with the onboarding of Jim Schinella as CBO and Henrik Basten as CTO. We are pleased to share yet another exciting announcement with you today.

Our parent company, RNTS Media, has raised 100M in convertible bond, or $112 million, with an option to tap into an additional 50M, or $57 million, to further invest into the organization and fuel our ongoing growth. In addition, RNTS Media upgraded its listing to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol ‘RNM’. This shift will allow RNTS to become much more accessible to the international investor community and opens up a broader range of investment opportunities to RNTS and its subsidiaries. To read more about the details of this announcement, please see the full story in VentureBeat.

For Fyber, these developments are an indication of great things to come, both for our company and its clients. We know that the ad tech ecosystem is busy, fragmented, and rapidly-consolidating. Our mission is to continue providing innovative solutions that set the bar for smarter ad monetization. The influx of capital will allow us to invest in technologies that cement our place as a leading full-stack supply side platform and allow us to scale as our business continues to grow.

In the coming months, we will be doubling down on Fyber’s growth strategy and evaluating acquisition opportunities that can help make Fyber an even better and stronger platform for our clients. We will be looking particularly at those that can help us accelerate product development or scale existing offerings.

There is no doubt that the year ahead will be our most exciting one yet. We can’t wait to share it with you.

Andreas Bodczek and Janis Zech
Fyber Co-founders

More control. Better UX. Introducing advanced video pre-caching controls.

Fyber is happy to announce the latest addition to our leading Mediation product: Advanced video pre-caching controls. The new controls are an industry first, designed to offer developers maximum control for a better user experience, with a reduction in data and memory usage, loading times, and an overall improvement in app performance. The new controls will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

Helping you create amazing user experiences

Every day, we see our developer clients push the envelope to offer state-of-the-art experiences to their users. Apps now use more advanced graphics engines, and multiplayer PvP games are increasing in popularity. However, these advancements are limited by memory constraints. In addition to content updates, 3rd-party service SDKs are always initialized when an app starts. SDKs for tracking, analytics, and ads – including video pre-caching – put a strain on devices causing slow loading times, high memory usage, and poor app performance, which impede user experience. We recognize that developers need more control over how video assets are downloaded so that they can continue to provide amazing user experiences. Fyber’s advanced controls will offer two pre-caching options that benefit developers:

  1. Choose when to pre-cache videos: Initialize ad networks and pre-cache video ads at the right time for your application, after other assets have already downloaded. This reduces memory strain and loading times during app start.
  2. Initialize only the ad networks you need: Decide how many ad networks are initialized in your app, based on performance and network priorities. In the Fyber dashboard, you will be able to specify the exact number of networks you would like to initialize with regard to ad format and connection type (wifi vs. cellular). Fyber’s optimization algorithm then predicts the average eCPM of each network and initializes only the top performers, taking into account any pre-defined direct business terms.

miniclip fyber pre-caching video ad mediation

Ready to improve your UX? Meet us at Casual Connect. Our team will be available to answer all your ad monetization questions. Find us in the Continental Ballroom, booth #102!

Welcoming Jim Schinella & Henrik Basten

We’re pleased to share today the appointment of two new members to Fyber’s leadership team: Jim Schinella as Chief Business Officer and Henrik Basten as Chief Technology Officer.

We are excited to welcome on board two executives who bring a wealth of experience to our organization. We truly believe that in order for Fyber to continue paving our way to become a leading full-stack supply side platform, it’s important to put the right people in the right positions – those who have worked in the industry before and have demonstrated a proven track record of success. With both Jim and Henrik, we feel that there could not be a better fit.

Henrik_Basten_FyberHenrik Basten, Fyber CTO

Previously serving as co-founder and CTO of Falk Realtime, a rapidly-growing ad tech company which Fyber acquired in April 2015, we felt that Henrik Basten was a natural fit to take the helm of Fyber’s technology team. During his time at Falk, Henrik was responsible for the development and strategy of the company’s platform. Prior to this, he served as Experian’s German Head of Technology and Operations, and as CTO and MD at United MailSolutions. At Fyber, Henrik will lead the end-to-end engineering and management of Fyber’s platform. We are confident that under his leadership, our team will continue to make strides in serving app developers, publishers, and advertisers with the most innovative advertising and monetization solutions available. Henrik will be based in Fyber’s Berlin headquarters, assuming the role from current CTO, Markus Knoke, who has been instrumental in successfully building out Fyber’s engineering infrastructure and resources over the past five years.

Jim Schinella CBO FyberJim Schinella, Fyber CBO

But of course, we know that the mission to build a strong technology must be matched with an unwavering service commitment to our clients, which is why we’re happy to welcome Jim on board to lead Fyber’s commercial business efforts. As Chief Business Officer, Jim Schinella joins Fyber with over twenty years of digital media experience. He will be based in Fyber’s San Francisco office, where the majority of publisher growth and strategic business development operations are based. Jim has served as a leader at numerous digital media companies, and his impressive portfolio includes managing Yahoo!’s Right Media Exchange and broadband business, as well as leading the affiliate search network and North American business development for the company. He also held business development and sales roles for AOL and Netscape, and was previously CEO and founder of, a bill management service funded by the Hearst Corporation. At Fyber, Jim’s primary focus will be to expand its global business and continue solidifying the company’s role as a leading mobile supply side platform for freemium applications and games.

We believe that the appointment of these two outstanding individuals to the Fyber leadership team demonstrates our serious commitment to further accelerating our technology, platform, and commercial partnerships as we continue to pave the way as a leading full-stack supply side platform. We are thrilled to welcome Jim and Henrik on board, and feel confident that they will help shape Fyber’s future and make solid contributions to take us to the next level.

Andreas Bodczek & Janis Zech
Co-founders, Fyber

Fyber turns six!

Happy birthday Fyber! Our team recently took time out to celebrate Fyber’s 6th anniversary – and what a year it was to celebrate! Not only have we grown from a fledgling start-up to a global team of over 250, it was also a landmark year for the company. From our re-branding to our big acquisition news, to our first M&A transaction and the launch of our programmatic exchange, the past 12 months have been full of pivotal milestones. To mark the occasion, we celebrated with dual parties on both sides of the globe!

In Berlin, our team enjoyed a beautiful sunset BBQ at the House of Weekend. Check out our video reel for highlights from the event:

Meanwhile in San Francisco, our North American team celebrated with cupcakes and a little photobooth fun at the Hotel Zetta!

We’d like to thank everyone who joined us in celebrating six years of success – we look forward to many anniversaries to come!

Fyber partners with Chartboost, offering access to games-only interstitial, video, & rewarded video demand


We’re excited to announce that Fyber’s mediation platform now offers support for Chartboost, providing our clients access to more leading, high-quality demand. Established in 2011, Chartboost offers a large network of games-only interstitial, video, and rewarded video ads on both iOS and Android.

“Partnering with Fyber was a natural fit for Chartboost,” said Clay Kellogg, CRO of Chartboost. “Offering access through Fyber’s mediation layer allows developers to tap into our extensive network of games-only demand, while benefiting from the ease of management and optimization features provided by Fyber’s platform.”

Fyber’s supply side platform offers developers access to both its leading ad network mediation platform, as well as additional demand from the Fyber Programmatic Exchange, all through a single unified SDK. The mediation platform makes it easier for developers to manage, optimize, and prioritize multiple demand streams from a central dashboard, which in turn boosts fill and maximizes revenue. In addition, Fyber’s predictive algorithm helps developers go beyond the traditional waterfall model to ensure that they are always served with the highest-paying ads.

“Fyber’s mediation product allows us to effectively manage and optimize all of our demand sources in one place,” said Drew Kirchhoff, Product Development at Yodo1. “We’re excited that Fyber’s partnership with Chartboost, who has also been a partner of Yodo1, will allow us to work with yet another strong demand source through Fyber’s platform.”

If you’re interested in working with Chartboost through Fyber’s mediation platform, please contact your account manager.

Fyber acquires Falk Realtime, Ltd.

We’re pleased to share the news that Fyber is acquiring Falk Realtime, Ltd., a rapidly growing ad tech company based in Düsseldorf, Germany. Our official announcement is here, and we’re thrilled to welcome them to the Fyber family. This acquisition paves the way for Fyber to become one of the world’s leading independent full stack supply side platforms (SSP). By empowering app developers with an ad tech infrastructure that has additional flexibility and granular controls, we help to monetize their inventory for optimal performance and return – all under one roof.

So who is Falk Realtime? The company was founded in 2013 by ad tech veterans Erwin Plomp, Henrik Basten, and Ultano Kindelan. Prior to Falk Realtime, the founders were responsible for EMEA operations in leading ad tech companies like DoubleClick, Experian, and EyeWonder, among others. The entire Falk Realtime team will be joining Fyber and the acquisition is expected to be completed in spring of 2015. All of us at Fyber are very happy to welcome a strong team of industry veterans.

Falk Realtime brings a multitude of enhancements to Fyber’s programmatic stack and new functionalities for app developers under a single, unified platform. We plan to integrate Falk Realtime’s ad server and RTB stack to empower our developer partners to monetize their apps in new ways, and continue to invest in future growth. This includes a wide variety of functionalities, such as setting up private marketplaces and running programmatic direct campaigns, as well as direct sold and cross promo campaigns via a self-serve ad server. For more information, please check out our FAQ.

As mobile advertising continues to shift to programmatic, we’re focused on investing in the technology and talent that will enhance our programmatic stack for app developers alike.

This is an important new chapter for Fyber, and our commitment to disrupt the status quo of mobile advertising by making it smarter and easier is just one small step in the many improvements to come.

We can’t thank you enough for your continued support and look forward to sharing more great news in 2015.

Andreas Bodczek & Janis Zech
Co-founders, Fyber

The Fyber Programmatic Exchange ends beta, launches globally


We’re excited to announce that the Fyber Programmatic Exchange has moved out of beta and that programmatic demand is now available to all clients using interstitial ads. Through Real Time Bidding (RTB) – a programmatic technology – Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) and their advertisers can bid on app developers’ inventory in real time and apply fine-tuned targeting on the inventory most relevant to them. With this launch, Fyber now brings together a mediation layer across Interstitials and Rewarded Video with an RTB exchange.

For DSPs, Fyber’s OpenRTB-based exchange enables access to a growing base of unique mobile inventory through Fyber’s mobile Supply Side Platform, with 100% in-app placements from premium developers. Through high-performance ad formats – including Opt-in Video and Interstitials – DSPs and their advertisers can reach the segments that matter most from Fyber’s 320M+ monthly unique users and adjust their campaign budgets in real time to respond to performance. DSPs already integrated into Fyber’s RTB program include TradeMob, Mars Media Group, Ajillion, Pocket Math, Remerge, Jampp and Liquid M.

RTB_Blog_Sunstorm_QuoteFor developers, the launch of Fyber’s RTB Exchange means instant access to more high-quality Interstitial demand from leading DSPs with larger budgets. Programmatic demand competes against developers’ other demand sources, including mediation, to ensure that the highest-paying ad is always served first. “It’s great to see Fyber’s platform expand to support RTB for mobile advertising,” said Reid Sheppard, Director, Analytics Technology and Ad Revenue, Sunstorm Games. “Programmatic access to larger ad budgets and more inventory will allow us to utilize the Fyber platform to the full extent, providing efficiency and more revenue streams.”

To join our Programmatic Exchange as an advertiser, please contact [email protected].

Driven by partnerships with leading pubs, Fyber climbs to 320M+ MAU

We’re excited to share that Fyber’s direct publisher network now reaches approximately 320M+ monthly active users (MAU), as of the most recent numbers reported for March, 2015. Approximately 72M of those users come from North America, where the number of smartphone owners is reported at 183M as of 20141. This means that Fyber currently reaches almost 4 out of every 10 smartphone users in North America.

For us, this news isn’t just about the sheer number of active users, but rather what the number represents. The growth that we’ve experienced over the past two years has been driven by the partnerships that we’ve developed with great leaders in the mobile space, such as DeNA, Social Point, GREE, PikPok, Smule, Viggle, and Kik. Our goal is to empower our clients by providing a market-leading supply-side platform paired with services that positively influence all core advertising metrics. Our unified mediation and exchange tool enables partners to centrally manage their advertising stack, empowering them to make informed decisions to optimize yield. While strengthening our platform is always a core focus, we believe that the key to a successful partnership lies in the relationships established between our monetization & solutions engineering experts, along with the commercial and technical teams of our partners. We want to understand their challenges, know how their app economies work, and provide metric-driven guidance to help them reach their goals. In short: their success is our success.

socialpoint_logoFor example, take SocialPoint, Spain’s largest mobile game studio and a global leader of top-grossing mobile and social games. Fyber worked with Social Point to simplify the integration of their various demand partners on multiple platforms. Not only did they see eCPMs that were 45-82% higher than publishers who only integrated a single demand source, they also found great value in the guidance of Fyber’s account management team. “Compared to Account Managers I have worked with in the past, Fyber’s team is much more proactive,” said Albert Custodio, LiveOps Manager for Social Point. “They consistently stay on top of trends to give you the best advice. This is especially helpful when you are getting started with mediation and want to make informed decisions on which ad networks you can work with to meet specific goals.” To read more about how SocialPoint achieved success with Fyber, click here.

dena-logoFyber also recently cemented a partnership with DeNA as their leading ad monetization partner in the US. Late last year, Tokyo-based DeNA began working with Fyber to test the effectively of various mobile ad monetization strategies, including Rewarded Video, Interstitials, and Offer Walls. The test was deployed on two apps – Super Battle Tactics and TRANSFORMERS: Age of Extinction – in both the iOS and Android gaming environments. The implementation immediately drove strong results in terms of increased engagement, video views, and revenue growth, resulting in Fyber being selected as DeNA’s chosen monetization provider. Read more about the results of DeNA’s partnership with Fyber.

While we’re excited about this new milestone, our team is already looking ahead to what’s next. Not only are we continuing to build out our platform to provide more monetization solutions to our clients (for example, the recent roll-out of Fyber’s Programmatic Exchange & Audience Segmentation), we’re also focused on providing insights and strategic guidance that set the groundwork for long and sustained partnerships.