Fyber Mediation grows stronger with additional mediated ad networks

In 2013, Fyber Mediation launched with leading global ad networks such as Applovin, Unity Ads, Vungle, and Flurry. Since then, it has always been Fyber’s goal to continually grow and build long-term relationships with the ad network mediation partners that are most relevant to developers. We are happy to announce that developers can now integrate 4 additional mediated ad networks:  Tremor Video, MediaBrix, Facebook Audience Network and iAd. We’ve also expanded our partnership with InMobi to include rewarded video, and our partnerships with Flurry and Unity Ads to include interstitials.

ad mediation partners

So much has happened in one and a half years!

Fyber was one of the first Supply-Side Platforms (SSP) to launch an ad mediation product that streamlined mobile advertising for app developers. It allowed app developers to work directly with multiple ad networks to optimize revenue and fill within their apps. The ability to access several ad networks with a unified SDK was a game changer for developers who could not fill all of their mobile inventory without using multiple ad networks. Then, Fyber Mediation became one of the leading ad mediation products on the market with a proprietary predictive optimization algorithm that predicts the eCPM of each ad and serves the one that maximizes revenue to the developer.

“As soon as we heard that Fyber was providing a mediation solution we signed up. We’ve been incredibly impressed with Fyber’s service and support, and the Mediation Platform gives us exactly what we need.”

Scott Walker, Head of Production, Ninja Kiwi

Now, one a half years later, Fyber ‘s ad network mediation platform continues to grow stronger with additional demand sources for rewarded video and interstitial ad formats.

Ready to add more mediated ad networks?

Reach out to your account manager at Fyber to learn more about the mediated ad networks we support and how to achieve the best app monetization strategy. The right set of mediated ad networks can help you achieve better fill rates and eCPMs, resulting in more revenue.

Supported mediated ad networks

Click on the adapter links below to see a list of all supported mediated partners and their integration status, including reporting integration availability:

Rewarded Video

download ad network mediation adapters for iOS rewarded video ads
download ad network mediation adapters for Android rewarded video ads
Interstitial Video

download ad network mediation adapters for iOS interstitial ads
download ad network mediation adapters for Android interstitial ads


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