Fyber releases one of the industry’s first solutions to support VPAID for in-app video ads


We are excited to announce that Fyber is one of the first SSPs to support VPAID for mobile in-app video ads. As mentioned in our September blog, VPAID is the IAB standard that turns an entire video player screen into a rich interactive canvas. It allows various actions such as interactive banner overlays while the video is playing, video pausing so users can click on content, and enabling interactive ad content. Fyber advertisers can now improve their return on advertising spend by engaging mobile app users with rich JavaScript video ads.

What does it mean for Advertisers?

Fyber already supported VPAID for web, and now we’re extending this to the mobile app experience where advertisers can create innovative video campaigns for their apps. Example benefits include:

  • User Engagement: More control of in-app video ad experiences that drive interactive multimedia engagements, and positive brand awareness.
  • Reach: Find your target audience by reaching over 500 million app users through Fyber’s platform.
  • Save Time: You only need one video creative across screens for web and app.
  • Actionable Insights: Fyber allows you to track performance of user interactions, so you gain actionable insights to design more impactful ad experiences.

Engaging interactive experiences

Advertisers can implement various video ad experiences for app users by leveraging VPAID’s capabilities. Here are 3 examples.

1) Interactive content


2) In-video banners during play


3) Buy-now & social media CTAs


Get started!

To learn more about how VPAID for in-app can help you provide rich interactive ad experiences, please reach out to your Account Manager or email [email protected]

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