2013-in-Review, and a Sneak Peek of 2014

AdMarketplace Mediation

Now that 2013 is drawing to a close, we’d like to take a look backwards and reflect on what 2013 has meant for Fyber (formerly SponsorPay) and the mobile advertising ecosystem. Early this year, we saw two major shifts in how developers changed their ad monetization strategies:

  • It became more common for app developers to integrate several ad networks in an attempt to increase fill rate and eCPM, since no single ad network was able to fill all ad requests and provide good eCPM across all major regions.

  • Developers also began combining more ad formats in their ad monetization strategies in order to monetize different kinds of placements — both rewarded and non-rewarded — in their applications.

These shifts led to more complexity not only during integration of several ad network SDKs, but also in managing and optimizing these integrations and keeping track of overall ad revenue. For some popular ad formats like offer walls, using several ad networks also made it very difficult to maintain a great user experience.

In early 2013, we therefore set out to build a platform for smarter ad monetization to help app developers overcome some of these hurdles and to enable them to reach their full ad revenue potential.

We started out by adding capabilities for Ad Network Mediation, allowing developers to easily integrate, manage, and optimize several offer wall and rewarded video ad networks without writing any additional code. We added to that our Ad Marketplace, enabling developers to open their ad inventory to bids from thousands of demand partners instantly.

Our consistent focus on building a platform for smarter ad monetization reflects the feedback we’ve continually received from developers this year. As 2014 approaches, developers can look forward to seeing support for new ad formats, additional ad networks, more demand partners on our Ad Marketplace, a quantum-leap in yield optimization and dashboard tools that let you execute even the most complex ad monetization strategies.

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