A Win for Everyone: How Offer Wall Carousel Enhanced UX and Improved Performance

Whether you are an app developer that cares about your users’ experience with your title, or an advertiser who wants to create a frictionless experience for your audience  – everything revolves around the end users.


With Offer Wall being a highly customizable and user-centric ad unit, we constantly improve its look and feel from a user perspective. This is how our latest user-centric addition to the Offer Wall – videos and creative galleries on offer info pages – improves Offer Wall UX and leads to our publishers’ and advertisers’ performances increasing.


How better user experience has increased our publishers’ revenue


A carousel of images and videos on the offer page better allows users to understand the steps toward the free in-app currency. Users now complete offers faster, as we see offer completion time decreased by 18.5%. In addition, reward claim numbers from users decreased by 14.75% due to better offer descriptions. All these changes in user behavior resulted in publishers’ revenue going up by 54%.


* MoM performance analysis for the same offers after carousel implementations


More users engage and complete offers from our advertisers


Having a better explanation of the steps required from users to complete the offer’s task leads to advertisers having higher CR and CTR. Offers of the puzzle, social casino, and strategy games, as well as wallet apps’ offers, saw up to a 27% CTR increase and boosted their app installs by 5%.



*compared to the same offers with one image on the info page


Bottom line: whatever side you are on – monetization, UA, or both – think users first. Our Offer Wall is the most user-centric and customizable ad format out there – see it for yourself!

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