Ad Network Autopilot Launched to Automatically Optimize Revenue


Over the past months, we’ve heard from our publishers that as they integrate more and more networks, actively checking and updating eCPMs is a time-consuming task.

In response, we’ve launched Ad Network Autopilot, a key feature of our mediation solution that helps developers automatically optimize revenue from multiple ad networks. By adding reporting credentials to the mediation dashboard and choosing “Autopilot,” our platform will actively draw eCPM rates from networks and update network ranking accordingly to maximize payout.

Enabling Autopilot is easy. Simply go to: Application Setup > Mediation > Pick any ad network > Add Reporting API credentials > Pick “AutoPilot” in the optimization section.

The solution not only helps save time and resources, it increases the overall success of network integrations. Stay tuned for more Autopilot features coming soon!


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