Adobe Air native extension broadens Fyber’s platform support

Adobe Air extension from Fyber (ANE)
We are thrilled to announce the launch of our native extension for Adobe Air (ANE). The Adobe AIR native extension offers complete feature parity with other platforms supported by Fyber – such as Unity, Android, and iOS – and allows you to seamlessly integrate our ad platform into your Adobe AIR apps.

Publishers, such as THX Games, have already integrated Fyber’s Adobe AIR native extension to help bring their web games to the mobile world. THX Games spreads the joys of trivia across the globe with games that are culturally relevant to all users, on every platform. “Triviador, a Top 25 Facebook strategy & quiz game has been using Fyber for a long time on canvas. When we launched the mobile version, it was a logical decision to be one of the very first testers of Fyber Mediation Network ANE. They are the best solution for a flash game packaged with Adobe AIR,” said Attila Bihari, CEO of THX Games.
Adobe AIR extension (ANE) quote

Designed with developers in mind, Fyber’s robust platform provides the features you need to easily and successfully monetize your Adobe AIR app:

  • High-performing ad formats such as Rewarded Video, Interstitial, and Offer Wall
  • Access to premium demand from hundreds of ad sources and leading global ad networks through the Fyber Exchange and Fyber Mediation
  • Maximum eCPMs through Fyber’s yield optimization, which delivers the highest paying ad across all sources
  • One platform for monetization: Use Fyber for all your apps, regardless of the framework and platform used to build it

Ready to get started?
If you have questions about getting started with Fyber, please contact [email protected] or download our Adobe AIR native extension now:

Adobe AIR native extension

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