Better App Monetization for Adobe AIR Developers

Fyber SDK Adobe AIR Plugin

Integrate the new Fyber SDK 8 plugin for Adobe AIR

Fyber is excited to announce the new streamlined SDK 8 for Adobe AIR. For this release, our developers imagined a new API. It is streamlined, elegant, and will help developers easily integrate mobile ads into their apps for better app monetization.

Quickly and easily monetize your apps

We examined every part of our SDK and made it lighter and easier to use. The new SDK will require less code to integrate thanks to a simpler API that helps apps can get to market faster and with fewer errors. We also dove deep into the latest best practices and development guidelines from Apple and Google to ultimately produce an SDK that was built by developers, for developers. Here are some highlights:

  • Streamlined, Functional API: makes integration and maintenance even easier
  • Developer Test Suite: ensures correct ad network mediation bundle integration
  • Network Support: access many of the leading ad networks through Fyber
  • Multiple Ad Formats: include interstitials, video, and offer wall

Taken together, all of the features found in the newest Fyber SDK mean developers have access to the most robust app monetization platform in the market. 

SDK 7 Retirement

Please note that as of June 1, 2017, we will no longer be maintaining SDK 7. This means that the most up-to-date mediation bundles, which give you access to the latest enhancements from network partners, as well as bug fixes, will only be available in SDK 8.

Getting Started

The Fyber SDK is quick and easy for developers to integrate. For existing Fyber publishers, we provide a migration guide that includes help with build reviews, troubleshooting, and more. If you are new to Fyber, or just have questions, please contact us at [email protected]

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