More control. Better UX. Introducing advanced video pre-caching controls.

Fyber is happy to announce the latest addition to our leading Mediation product: Advanced video pre-caching controls. The new controls are an industry first, designed to offer developers maximum control for a better user experience, with a reduction in data and memory usage, loading times, and an overall improvement in app performance. The new controls will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

Helping you create amazing user experiences

Every day, we see our developer clients push the envelope to offer state-of-the-art experiences to their users. Apps now use more advanced graphics engines, and multiplayer PvP games are increasing in popularity. However, these advancements are limited by memory constraints. In addition to content updates, 3rd-party service SDKs are always initialized when an app starts. SDKs for tracking, analytics, and ads – including video pre-caching – put a strain on devices causing slow loading times, high memory usage, and poor app performance, which impede user experience. We recognize that developers need more control over how video assets are downloaded so that they can continue to provide amazing user experiences. Fyber’s advanced controls will offer two pre-caching options that benefit developers:

  1. Choose when to pre-cache videos: Initialize ad networks and pre-cache video ads at the right time for your application, after other assets have already downloaded. This reduces memory strain and loading times during app start.
  2. Initialize only the ad networks you need: Decide how many ad networks are initialized in your app, based on performance and network priorities. In the Fyber dashboard, you will be able to specify the exact number of networks you would like to initialize with regard to ad format and connection type (wifi vs. cellular). Fyber’s optimization algorithm then predicts the average eCPM of each network and initializes only the top performers, taking into account any pre-defined direct business terms.

miniclip fyber pre-caching video ad mediation

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