Advertiser Alert: Get your campaigns noticed this holiday season


With less than two weeks to go until Christmas, it’s time to get into the holiday spirit! Fyber is spreading the cheer by showcasing Fyber enabled apps that are offering great virtual currency sales (VCS) in the upcoming weeks. We’ve seen user engagement increase by as much as 28% during VCS periods, so leverage this opportunity to get your campaigns in front of a deeply engaged audience! To get started, please contact [email protected].

Offer Wall

The below Glu Mobile apps will be running currency sales this holiday season:

  • Dates: Wed. Dec 21st (5pm PST) – Tue. Jan 3rd (5pm PST) 13-day sale!
  • Top geos: US, UK, CA, DE, FR, AU, IT, RU, PH, BR, ES, ID

Cooking Dash, IDs 32480, 32486, 32337 — 2X REWARDSpicture-82

Diner Dash X, IDs 25349, 25165 — 2X REWARDS

Gordon Ramsay Dash, IDs 41393, 44175 — 2X REWARDS

Contract Killer 3, IDs 25631, 41029, 24168 — 3X REWARDS

Tap Sports Baseball: 2016, IDs 46702, 38851, 41055, 63223 — 2X REWARDS

Deer Hunter 2016, IDs 32633, 34350, 46703, 42305 — 2X REWARDS

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, IDs 62029, 47023, 63439, 25162, 22942, 26060, 23300, 62031, 41221, 41219 — 2X REWARDS

Kendall & Kylie, IDs 62860, 47024, 47026, 40933, 47025 — 2X REWARDS

Other Offer Wall apps running currency sales:

Kill Shot (Hothead Games), IDs 22983, 23798 – 2X REWARDS

  • Date: Fri Dec 16th – Mon Dec 19th
  • Top Geos: US, GB, IN, DE, RU

DomiNations (Nexon M), IDs 47439, 47438

  • Date: Thurs. Dec 22nd – Mon Dec 26h
  • Top Geos: US, UK, DE, TR, FR, RU, IT, ES

Magic Piano and Sing! Karaoke (Smule), IDs 8184, 17054 – 2X REWARDS

  • Date: Fri. Dec 23rd – Mon. Dec 26th
  • Top Geos: ID, BR, IN, MY, US, TH (Magic Piano); US, GB, KR, ID, BR, DE (Sing!)

Jaumo Flirt Chat (Jaumo), IDs 11143, 11179 – 2X REWARDS

  • Date: Fri. Dec 23rd – Mon. Dec 26th
  • Top Geos: DE

Throne Rush (Nexters), IDs 24405, 24790

  • Date: Fri. Dec 23rd – Mon. Dec 26th
  • Top geos: RU, US, AT, FR, UK

Online Soccer Manager 3.0 (Gamebasics), IDs 38647, 39217, 40565, 38650

  • Date: Wed. Dec 28th – Sat. Dec 31st
  • Top geos: TR, IT, UK, NL

Combined Offer Wall and Rewarded Video sales:

Racing Rivals (Glu), IDs 19769, 19289, 40839 — 3X REWARDS

  • Date: Thurs. Dec 24th (4pm PST) – Mon. Jan 2nd (4pm PST) 11-day sale!
  • Top Geos: US, UK, DE, CA, PR, MY, FR, ID

Monster Legends (Social Point), IDs 26147, 26150, 43417

  • Date:  Fri. Dec 23rd – Monday. Dec 26th
  • Top geos: US, UK, FR, CA, DE, AU, MX, BR, AR, SE

Dragon City (Social Point) IDs 22369, 22564, 43419

  • Date: Fri. Dec 23rd – Monday. Dec 26th; Fri. Dec 30th – Mon. Jan 2nd
  • Top Geos: US, DE, UK, BR, FR, MX, CA, AR, AU, ES

Rewarded Video-only sales:

Dragon City (Social Point) IDs 22369, 22564, 43419

  • Dates: Tues. Dec 27th – Thurs. Dec 29th
  • Top Geos: DE, US, MX, UK, AU, PH, FR, IT, MY, SE

Monster Legends (Social Point), IDs 26147, 26150, 43417

  • Date: Fri. Dec 30th – Mon. Jan 2nd
  • Top Geos: US, DE, UK, FR, MX, AU, SE, NL, PH

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