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The growth rate of holiday ecommerce as a whole seems to be slowing down in 2016, but the good news is mobile is still accelerating! This holiday season, mobile is predicted to account for as much as 35% of total ecommerce spending. Today we’re sharing some insights on mobile engagement trends that can help advertisers get in front of their right mobile audience this season.

Travel & hospitality

In the travel and hospitality sector, good mobile engagement is less about rigid adherence to the classic tentpoles (i.e. Black Friday and Cyber Monday) and more a matter of fluidly adapting messaging to where holiday travelers are in their consumer journey. Users tend to research their options around Thanksgiving usually by mobile) and are heavily influenced in that process by mobile web and in-app experiences. Messaging apps such as TextMe and socials apps like Tagged (each integrated for offer wall and rewarded video) give prospective travelers the means to discover and research holiday options via social interactions. Travel and hospitality providers should target the consumer in-app at these moments of engagement. In-app video ads or UA campaigns purchased on a Cost per Install (CPI), Cost Per Sale (CPS), or Cost per Action (CPA) could be very productive in this scenario.

The holiday season runs through mid-January, but just after Christmas users have probably reached their holiday destination, so there’s a tendency for travel and hospitality advertisers to throttle back on ad spend. That’s a mistake because this is precisely when eCPM rates drop, meaning advertiser dollars go further. It’s also an excellent time to engage with users — it’s a myth that travelers ‘switch off’ during vacations. People still use their mobile devices routinely while on holiday to watch movies, find a restaurant and play games. As you can see from these charts, all Fyber publishers such as Social Point and Glu see big upticks in user volume during the holidays, which has a direct impact on ad engagement. What better time to reinforce brand awareness than when users are relaxed and happy?



Consumer packaged goods & retail

In the consumer packaged goods (CPG) and retail sectors, the opportunity for mobile advertisers peaks around the classic tentpoles but there’s also great opportunity to be found immediately before Christmas, and December 25th itself.

In 2016, the last shipping day will fall around December 19th, perfectly aligning with peak CPM rates for the CPG and retail sectors. In 2015, according to an Ampush report, peak rates were about $12.00, a 60% increase over early November. To optimize the opportunity on mobile, CPG brands can engage users in Fyber’s popular rewarded video apps such as Monkey City or Tower Defense, in which players interact with videos to receive Virtual Currency. Again, the idea is to identify moments of deep engagement happening at scale to create a positive brand association in the consumer’s mind.

Rewarded video placement with branded video campaign
Rewarded video placement with branded video campaign

Hook with mobile coupons

In consumer-facing markets, special deals are a must. In some sectors, the redemption rate for mobile coupons is 10x the rate for paper coupons. Nielsen’s data shows that 55% of us used a mobile coupon during 2015 and almost 40% will spend more with your brand if you send one.

For advertisers, pushing in-app coupons based on relevant tentpoles is easy to do and highly effective, as many users are inclined to install an app and download the coupon. Discount offers perform well pre-Christmas, while research shows that 70% will add items to their carts just so they can qualify for free shipping. Offering promotions or special deals through direct response or cost-per-action campaigns is a great way to take advantage of the average holiday bargain-hunter.


Be Relevant

Holiday-themed creativity in ad copy, ad design and clear calls to action are critical to success. Festive video creatives and custom end cards are encouraged to heighten relevance, which in turn increases conversion rates.

The holiday season yields more app users with more leisure time to engage with ads. Creative messaging and spend techniques will enable you to better convert these users and continue to engage them throughout the season. Don’t miss out!

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