An Update on Apple’s IDFA Policies

Apple’s announcement about regulating IDFA use in mobile apps made headlines this week. In the wake of the news, we’d like to ensure that you’re informed and know we’re doing everything in our power to ensure this doesn’t affect our developer and advertiser clients.

First, a little background on Apple’s announcement and the situation:

The IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers) is the widespread tracking option for advertising within mobile apps. Each user has a unique IDFA that mobile apps can retrieve to serve advertisements. Apple’s crackdown applies to a specific subset of mobile apps: those that retrieve an end user’s IDFA without showing any advertising. Specifically, Apple states:

“You and Your Applications (and any third party with whom you have contracted to serve advertising) may use the Advertising Identifier, and any information obtained through the use of the Advertising Identifier, only for the purpose of serving advertising. If a user resets the Advertising Identifier, then You agree not to combine, correlate, link or otherwise associate, either directly or indirectly, the prior Advertising Identifier and any derived information with the reset Advertising Identifier.”

What does this mean for our clients, and why can you rest easy?


If you’re an app developer using our ad monetization platform, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. You are showing advertising to your users, which is the explicit purpose of the IDFA and precisely what Apple allows.

Furthermore, more than 90 percent of advertisers on our platform use third-party tracking providers whose attribution works without IDFA. Tracking via these third-party providers will continue to work without IDFA.

We believe that mobile advertising attribution is a valid use of the IDFA, so we are working closely with our third-party tracking providers to monitor the situation. The fact remains that third-party tracking hasn’t been compromised.


We are currently working on a solution for those of you who are not using third-party tracking. We’ll provide updates to keep you informed on the best tracking alternatives that work independently of IDFA.

While we have yet to see an app get rejected for using IDFA for advertising attribution, we’re already working on a solution that will work without IDFA for those of you not using third-party attribution platforms.

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