Announcing support for Open Measurement SDK

We are excited to announce that Fyber Marketplace now supports Open Measurement SDK. This announcement is relevant for publishers and advertisers as this will ensure the inventory is measurable and campaigns are able to target and report against the variety of signals supported by the OMSDK. 


What is Open Measurement SDK?

Open Measurement SDK (OMSDK) is an industry standard (from the IAB Tech Lab) that enables advertising SDKs to support brand advertisers in measuring the viewability of their ad creatives. Viewability of ad creatives matters to advertisers because they want to ensure that their ads were seen by consumers.



Why is it important?

Viewability measurement is a hard requirement of many brand advertisers, who seek to ensure that they are only paying for ads that can be viewed by consumers. The Open Measurement SDK will unlock additional ad budgets from top global brands, just in time for the Q4 holiday season when brand budgets are at an all time high.


What does it mean for publishers?

As publishers update their SDKs to support open measurement, it will make their inventory eligible to access over fifty fortune 1000 brands across hundreds of video campaigns. Brands that are currently running video campaigns targeting viewability on mobile app inventory span across CPG, eCommerce, Social, QSR and many more verticals. 


What is the next step for publishers?

With one update to the Fyber Marketplace SDK (version 8.1), publishers will gain access to Digital Turbine direct brand demand. This is done as part of the regular SDK update process, all the heavy lifting is done by Fyber. 


Get the most out of the upcoming holiday season with the new Fyber Marketplace SDK (version 8.1).


We’re here to support this new update – please reach out to us with any questions.

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