Announcing the ‘2019 State of In-App Advertising and Monetization’ survey results

How mobile game developers earn revenue for their games is changing before our very eyes. You need to look no further than the top free games charts, occupied now by many hyper-casual games from hybrid monetization-led companies such as Voodoo, SayGames, and Good Job Games. These game companies are turning the blueprint for monetizing a freemium app on its head, generating significant revenue through more than one point of monetization—namely in-app ads (IAA) and in-app purchases (IAP). Along with the introduction of new ways to buy ad space in-app (i.e. in-app bidding), these mobile game developers are also changing digital marketers’ perception of advertising in mobile games.


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But what are other mobile game and app developers thinking and doing? What are the perspectives they have on business models, the ROI of IAA, the app bidding advertising model, and much more? And how far along are digital marketers in shifting their advertising budget to in-app? In June 2019, we surveyed 400 app developers and 400 marketers, who shared how they’re thinking about in-app advertising and monetization, what’s working, how the industry is changing in the next few years, and more.


We attempted to answer some of these questions in a new survey we’re calling the 2019 State of In-App Advertising and Monetization.


Over the complete set of survey data across 35 charts, you’ll learn:


  • Two-thirds (67%) of app developers see app bidding/real-time unified auctions representing the future of ad monetization. (Click to tweet)
  • When it comes to monetizing apps, 42% of app developers ranked their biggest challenge as ensuring ad creatives aren’t intrusive to their content. (Click to tweet)
  • And much, much more.




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