Apple iOS 11 is Here – What Game and App Developers Need to Know

Fyber SDK - iOS 11

September is always a highly anticipated time of year for iOS developers—new products, features, enhancements and, of course, updates to iOS.

Probably the coolest thing for app and game developers is the new App Store design. Taking the same aesthetic the company applied to their Music and News apps, the App Store will be better organized, cleaner, and have bolder text. Most importantly for game developers, there will finally be a dedicated tab that highlights new and notable titles, which should make discovery much easier.

As usual, Fyber has been preparing our platform for iOS 11 support to help your business be ready on day 1. Here are the important details publishers need to know:

Mediated Ad Networks

All of the top ad networks that Fyber mediates have been working to ensure they support iOS 11. Accordingly, we updated those network adapters in the Fyber SDK. Please check here for the latest status of each network.

64-bit support

Recently, app developers have been adding 64-bit support to aging apps, which otherwise may not work correctly on iOS 11. Fyber has supported this for a couple of years now so that any 64-bit app running on our platform will be compatible.

Security certificates

Apple has revoked security certificates from StartCom, our former provider. In order to be compliant with Apple policy, Fyber has updated our certificates to DigiCert, a trusted provider in the industry.

Next steps

Although Apple allows for some lag time, we encourage you to upgrade to Fyber SDK 8.15.1 today to continue enjoying high-quality demand from your preferred networks.

Download Fyber SDK 8.15.1

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