What Does the New Apple Product Launch Mean for Mobile Advertising?

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Much like the rest of the tech world, the Fyber team anxiously awaited the unveiling of Apple’s latest product line-up on Sep. 10th. As everyone now knows, the big reveal brought four new major offerings: iOS 8, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and the Apple Watch. To take a look at how these might affect the mobile advertising industry, we caught up with Fyber’s SVP, Global Ad Marketplace and Partnerships, Ted Liang (TL).

iOS 8

TL: “A few features of iOS 8 stand out as potentially impacting the mobile advertising landscape. First, are interactive notifications. This feature is an extension of previous message formats, such as push notifications, which allow the user to further engage with the app (such as respond to a message or “like” a Facebook post) without having to directly open the app or leave the screen that you’re on. The ability to instantly engage users could have a positive impact on advertising engagement. For example, let’s say a game offers the chance to earn gems through an offer wall. The app could then deploy a notification letting the user know that a special promotion is being run where they are eligible to earn over 50 gems, and if they decide to interact with the notification, it takes them directly to the offer wall.

Another feature is location-based notifications. Located in the corner of the lock screen, it activates when an app on your device identifies a relevant location nearby via GPS – let’s say a Starbucks or a Target. By tapping the button, the user can automatically open the app and begin engaging with a proximity-based alert or promotion. It’s easy to see how this feature could seamlessly tie into promotions – whether it’s advertisers paying to have their icon displayed to those that don’t have the app or if the one-tap functionality could feed into certain advertising features (for example, taking you directly to an alert about a sale).”

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

TL: “The most obvious change here is the sheer size of the phone. With displays at 4.7 and 5.5 inches, respectively, both the 6 and the 6 Plus are considerably larger than the iPhone 5/5s. What does this mean for advertisers? Simply put, it’s more real estate to display ads, which could trigger an uptick in richer formats, such as video. The ability to display larger, more engaging content also means that users are more likely to interact with an ad. In addition, both phones have a longer battery life, which should naturally increase the amount of time that users engaging with apps, and therefore organically increase the number of potential impressions.

We also can’t overlook the impact that the new A8 chip will have on overall user experience. Those who watched the unveiling saw the demo of Vainglory, a self-described “unapologetically core” MOBA (multi-player online battle arena) game developed by Super Evil Megacorp. Viewers were treated to a sneak peek of how the game takes advantage of the A8’s enhanced processing power, packing an impressive visual punch. This capability will translate into more games, traditionally developed for PC or console, making the shift to mobile and providing advertisers with further access to the market of immersive, hardcore games with very engaged user bases.”

Apple Watch

TL: “This one is the most exciting, albeit uncertain, of the bunch. Only time will tell how the Apple Watch will impact mobile advertising, but one thing’s for sure: there’s a huge potential for it to be a game-changer. The intimate nature of wearable devices provides advertisers with a unique opportunity to serve advertising directly to the user when they’re most relevant. Ultimately, the advertisers that will “win” in this game are those who take a close look at the intent of the user. If you can understand your audience’s intent for using and interacting with the Apple Watch, then you can develop advertising campaigns that will effectively influence their behavior.”

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