Appreciate drives 25% lower CPIs and 30% uptick in ROAS on LAT inventory by leveraging Fyber’s Contextual App Targeting package

Since Apple’s first announcement, we wasted no time in testing Limited Ad Tracking (LAT) traffic. As the deadline for an IDFA-less world fast approaches, we are constantly developing and improving our technology to keep ahead of this transition. To fully prepare for the changes that lie ahead, Fyber and Appreciate joined forces in testing LAT traffic to continue driving strong results and boost user acquisition (UA) performance on campaigns.


The objective of this collaboration was to test performance on LAT traffic, examining its results against IDFA traffic. The results showed that when testing LAT traffic using Fyber’s contextual targeting solutions, CPIs were found to be lower by 25% and ROAS increased by 10%-30%. 

Unlocking the value of LAT inventory

After the first announcement, Fyber saw a significant rise in LAT traffic purchased by DSPs (brands and performance) that have never bought LAT traffic. Buyers reported that they are seeing a positive trend in performance and were able to deliver their target ROAS in an identity-friendly and privacy-aware environment – a good indication that DSPs are already making this transition.


From our initial testing, we saw a higher fill rate on LAT traffic, and buyers purchasing more LAT traffic with each transaction costing cheaper compared to IDFA traffic. The lower eCPM rates allows advertisers to buy more impressions without growing overall campaign spend, and with the right targeting and optimization, comes an opportunity to drive superior ROAS on LAT inventory.


Appreciate’s Challenge

Without IDFA, advertisers will no longer have the ability to “follow the user” and Ad Networks will not be able to construct user graphs. With that being said, contextual advertising will have to take the stage. For Appreciate, LAT traffic is going to be a crucial chunk of iOS traffic (as already seen in Europe following the GDPR). When testing LAT traffic versus IDFA traffic we saw 20% lower CPIs and increased ROAS by 10-15% – and there was more to do. To tackle this challenge, our collaboration stemmed from both product teams working together to integrate Fyber’s new contextual targeting parameters for Appreciate’s algorithm, and test LAT inventory in a new way. 


The process behind working together to ensure better results – our collaboration story

There was smooth sync between our teams – both technically (preparing for the roll-out of iOS 14) and on the business side, driving for better volume and performing traffic. Advertisers are becoming more open to the idea of buying such traffic and we see an increase in the volume – and strong outcomes. Linda Ouyang, VP of Demand at Fyber added that “collaborating with Appreciate is seamless. Their knowledge, forward-thinking, and performance-driven approach helped us improve and act on the potential buying there is in LAT traffic. Their ability to quickly innovate, provide high-quality users across multiple segments along with outstanding service was crucial in allowing us to achieve our mutual goals.”


Appreciate has been ahead of the curve with the majority of their buying dedicated to LAT traffic. In fact, they experienced success with buying this traffic even before Apple’s announcement. With the added contextual targeting parameters from Fyber – the results significantly improved and solidified greater preparation for the post-IDFA world. 



Appreciate’s LAT traffic success story – How did LAT traffic perform?

The campaigns proved to be successful from the start, showing better results in buying LAT traffic over IDFA traffic. During the testing phase, Fyber’s contextual targeting solutions drove significant results for Appreciate over a three-month period. Appreciate’s strategy of implementing creative optimization mechanisms, publisher and app optimizations, as well as multiple device-related parameters revealed a trend in our testing and saw a positive uptick in ROAS, lower CPIs and cheaper eCPMS. This means that advertisers can still succeed with LAT traffic and even get better results than with a similar campaign on IDFA traffic.


When testing LAT traffic with Fyber’s contextual targeting solutions on some gaming and entertainment verticals, we found that on average, this traffic outperformed IDFA traffic, with 25% in lower CPIs, ROAS increasing by 10-30%, with cheaper eCPMs. These strong results, compared to general LAT traffic performance, make Fyber one of Appreciate’s top contributing inventory sources.


“LAT traffic tests are a significant part of our iOS 14 preparations. We worked with Fyber’s contextual targeting solutions to actively prepare for and adapt to an IDFA-less world”. Said Erez Yerushalmi, Head of Media at Appreciate. “Throughout testing we kept close communication and active collaboration between our product, business and tech teams. Each component of this phase has proved why Fyber is a top contributor to our revenue. With 25% lower CPIs and up to 30% increase in ROAS, the results speak for themselves.” 


The next steps before IDFA deprecation 

These results reveal the potential buying of LAT traffic, as compared to IDFA traffic. But the battle is not over yet. Apple’s IDFA postponement announcement gave us all extra time to prepare and to test, test, and test. Choose a DSP that can show you the full picture of both SKAdNetwork and MMPs, and don’t compromise on transparency. Make sure you know from which exchange the traffic is coming. Our collaboration shone the light on how DSPs and SSPs working together will ensure best and faster results. While DSPs are reliant on their data of specific devices (using IDFA) to place bids, SSPs create the standards. By nurturing these collaborations, the ecosystem becomes transparent and fair. 

We continue to invest in advanced machine learning and contextual targeting parameters for better campaign performance in a post-IDFA world. As proven, DSPs like Appreciate will still be able to acquire high-value users, ROAS and deliver superior performance to their advertisers, while publishers will enjoy optimal app monetization.


For more about Appreciate, check out their tips about contextual advertising 

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