Behind the Scenes at OMExpo & iMedia Video Summit

Green leaves are beginning to sprout, the temperature is steadily on the rise and the birds are chirping once again which can only mean one thing — it’s events season!

Here at SponsorPay, we’re very busy traveling around the world to touch base with new and prospective clients, meetup with industry leaders and share and exchange thoughts within our space. Most recently, Arkady attended the iMedia Digital Video Summit in Austin, Texas and Laura J. and Laura V. attended OMExpo in Madrid – both of which were a resounding success.

iMedia Digital Video Summit

At the iMedia event, Arkady was fortunate enough to not only meet many current and prospective partners but also take part in a number of informative talks. One of the focal points of the discussions was the convergence of television reach and online video targeting, meaning that more money is being funneled into the online video space.

His time in Texas was very productive as he held a number of one-on-one meetings where he was able to highlight the virtues of BrandEngage and exchange contact details.

It wasn’t all work, however — there were some fun activities as well. Arkady’s favorite was the chili cook-off where his team was able to capture the first prize! He’s pictured above with his teammates, both VPs at Mullen Agency.


We sent two of our Spanish speakers off to OMExpo, the premiere online marketing expo in Spain. We were proud sponsors of the event and our branded lanyards (pictured below) were distributed to the 10,000+ attendees.

At the event, Laura J. had the privilege of giving a talk on Brand Advertising in Online Games. She was able to emphasize the benefits of engaging with users through dynamic advertising placed within games. You can see her giving the presentation below.

All-in-all, both events went extremely well. We’re very excited as we continue to prepare for future events, many of which are right around the corner. Who knows, maybe we’ll see some of you there! Check out our events page to stay up to date with where we’re heading.

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