Berlin’s Creative Entrepreneurs Gather At Tech Open Air

At Tech Open Air’s annual “Unconference on Thursday, technology enthusiasts gathered at Berlin’s club venue Kater Holzig to hear industry talks, see performances, and network over free beer and frozen yogurt. Of course, SponsorPay was there to scope out the scene. From panels on surviving disruption to presentations on marketing in the age of ADD, Tech Open Air was all about scanning the current tech landscape and sparking the imagination of its community.

Tech Open Air took place on August 1, 2013, at Kater Holzig in Berlin.
Attendees gathered outside to hear presentations on “The Dock.”

The theme of the event was “Reset tomorrow,” a take on retrofuturism. How do we evaluate our current technology against past expectations? And how will future generations evaluate our own era?

There were several speaker topics that caught our interest. Jan Goslicki, co-founder of Bitcoins Berlin, spoke about digital world currency — a fascinating subject adjacent to SponsorPay’s monetization models. CEO Creed O’Hanlon of The Impossible Group, the company that reinvented Polaroid for the 21st century, gave great advice on adapting to industry game-changers in today’s ever-evolving market.

One question we found particularly compelling came from Fabian Stelzer of Eyequant, who asked, “How would an Internet historian classify the Information Age in the year 2069?” Now that’s food for thought!


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