Celebrating 10 years of Fyber: A timeline

April marks the 10th anniversary of the founding of Fyber—what was then known as SponsorPay. Fyber started with a simple mission: Help developers earn money from ads, so they could actually focus on what matters most—creating great content experiences. Back in April 2009, Fyber pioneered a new way for web developers to earn money from ads by providing their users with advertising offers they could interact with in return for free premium content.

Over the past decade we’ve evolved our platform, creating even more new ways for developers to earn money from ads as consumer behavior shifted from the web to mobile apps. Today, Fyber is one of the world’s leading monetization platforms for developers with more than 10,000 mobile apps and games on the platform, with over 1.2 billion unique monthly active users. Without you, our community of developers all over the world, we wouldn’t be celebrating 10 years of Fyber.

We collected some of our important milestones over the past 10 years so you can see how we’ve evolved as a company. Take a look at the past 10 years of Fyber.

2009 - Once upon a time

Fyber (originally SponsorPay) founded.


Offer Wall on web beta launched.


2010 - Coming to America

Business expanded to the U.S.


2011 - 2 years old and mobile

Offer Wall launched on mobile.


2012 - Sight, sound, motion

Rewarded video launched on mobile.


2013 - Don't stop us now

Mediation platform launched.


2014 - Hello, I’m Fyber

SponsorPay rebranded to Fyber.


2015 - Fyber begins to grow...

Fyber acquired Falk Realtime.


Fyber RTB product launched.


2016 - ...and grow

Fyber acquired Heyzap and Inneractive.


2017 - Fyber assemble!

Fyber family of companies assembled as one.


2018 - Time for a makeover

Fyber rebranded.


Fyber FairBid launched.


2019 - Thank you for 10 years

Fyber FairBid SDK 2.0 released.


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