Co-Founder of SponsorPay Janis Zech Shares Entrepreneurial Knowledge With Owners Forum

As Berlin is establishing itself as a hub for startups, more and more international attention is shifting towards the German Capital and its young companies such as SponsorPay. To share his knowledge about entrepreneurship, our CRO and Co-Founder Janis Zech held a presentation in front of the Owners Forum, a 12-month interactive fellowship for twenty outstanding entrepreneurs from the transition countries Egypt and Tunisia.

In his presentation, Janis gave the audience in-depth insight into the challenges that he and his team faced while growing SponsorPay from a 5-person startup to the world’s leading value-exchange advertising company. Here his learnings in a nutshell:

  1. Choose the right business model, accept uncertainty and proactively shed light into the dark tunnel.
  2. Build a strong company infrastructure already in the founding phase.
  3. Go fast first and improve on your product’s quality while your company grows.
  4. Plan your growth early. While scaling, rethink and improve the organizational structure constantly.
  5. Hire the best and create a culture to make success happen.
  6. Think about your role as a founder and accept changes to this role as your company grows.
  7. Define the future: Think about your business model. Again and again and again.

Check out photos and the video from the event below:


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