Cracking China’s $50 Billion Ad Market [Mobile Marketing Magazine]

Fyber cracking China 50 billion dollar ad market Mobile Marketing Magazine

In the ad tech world, data is king, but until now it has been almost exclusively in the hands of the buy side—the advertisers. Unfortunately for publishers, they have simply not had access to the kind of deep, rich and insightful data solutions that would allow them to start selling audiences in order to maximize the value of their inventory. There are a few exceptions to this rule, including large walled garden publishers like Google and Facebook that dominate the ad market by leveraging their massive amount of user data. But according to Offer Yehudai, president at Fyber, change is afoot.

Fyber’s publisher segmentation solution Audience Vault, which launched worldwide this month, is that change. In growing markets such as China, this solution can help publishers better compete with the walled gardens. China is a country with huge potential, with ad spend projected to hit $50 billion in 2017. However, as Yehudai explains, there are challenges too.

In this interview with Mobile Marketing Magazine, Yehudai shares why Fyber built their audience segmentation tool Audience Vault, how it works, and the challenges it tackles specifically for publishers in the second-largest ad tech market China.

Read this Mobile Marketing Magazine article to learn:

  • How publishers can now package their audiences up and sell them at a premium to advertisers.
  • How Audience Vault will help Chinese publishers reach advertisers outside of the country.
  • Why advertisers are welcoming to publishers with more access to audience data.

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