Cross-promotion for all: Free user acquisition across your app portfolio

Mobile App Cross-Promotion For PublishersToday, we’re happy to announce that all Fyber developers can now run cross-promotion campaigns within your own app portfolio. Cross-promoting within your own network to drive adoption is effective, as players are already exposed to your brand and are more likely to convert and drive high value. It is a free way for app developers to acquire new users, and is easily done utilizing Rewarded Video or Interstitial ads. Our trials with a select number of developers have produced great results, and we’re excited to now offer cross-promotion to all of our developers.

How does it work?

Cross-promotion is fully integrated into the Fyber system, which provides User Acquisition Managers access to a centralized hub for all of their marketing activities. You can use Fyber’s ACP self-service tool to manage all of your creatives, campaign targeting, and optimization. If you need any guidance, our team of experts are ready to assist and share best practices with strategy and tactics.

Fyber allows developers to integrate cross-promotion with other app monetization features, which has the following benefits:

  • Revenue Optimization automatically delivers the highest paying ad from cross-promotion, direct-sold campaigns, Fyber Mediation, and the Fyber Exchange, so you can acquire new users without losing ad revenue.
  • Control: You can choose to top or bottom-rank cross-promotion campaigns to best fit your monetization strategy
  • Campaign Optimization: A broad UA feature set is supported, including install tracking & reporting with all major attribution providers, conversion-optimized end cards, and extensive targeting.

Quick Steps: Setting up your mobile cross-promotion campaign

Cross-promotion is an effective way to promote new app launches, and guide high-value users to download your other apps. Detailed instructions on how to setup cross-promotion campaigns are available in Fyber’s documentationor you can follow these quick steps below.

1. Contact your Account Manager or [email protected] to activate cross-promotion for your account. 
2. In the Ad Monetization Dashboard, click on Cross-promotion.

Mobile App Cross Promotion Tools

3. Click Add Campaign to begin a new campaign.

Start Mobile App Cross Promotion Campaign

4. Select Cross-promotion and the ad format you would like to use.
5. Indicate your target countries, frequency cap, impression cap, and application(s) to cross promote.

Targeting for Mobile App Cross Promotion Campaign

6. Choose a tracking provider and schedule your campaign.
7. Enable your campaign directly within the ACP or by contacting your Account Manager.
8. See your campaign in action in the Reporting section.

Reporting for Mobile App Cross Promotion Campaigns

Need help?

To learn more or if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your account manager or [email protected]. We’re here to help!

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