Customer stories: App dev Gismart increases ARPDAU by 120% with rewarded video

Gismart partnered with Fyber to revamp its monetization strategy with the aim of improving its ad revenues. Download the full case study to find out how Fyber’s rewarded video and interstitial ads took the music app maker’s monetization strategy to the next level by reaching 1.2X higher average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU).

The challenge

  • Struggled to generate sufficient streams of ad revenue with low-yielding banner ads
  • No effective ad monetization strategy
  • No central view of revenue performance for all ad networks

The solution

Gismart integrated Fyber’s mediation platform to utilize both interstitial and rewarded video ads, and to access high quality demand from leading networks—all the while monitoring performance through Fyber’s unified dashboard.

The result

  • 120% increase in ARPDAU with rewarded video contributing half of it
  • 27% increase in engagement rate with at least one rewarded video view per DAU
  • 2 videos watched by each engaged users every day



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