Customer stories: Oath measures ad viewability thanks to Fyber’s industry-leading mobile VPAID support

U.K. adults spend more time on their mobile devices compared to desktop, so it comes as no surprise that advertisers are following this desirable audience into the mobile world. However, the key factor that holds advertisers back from shifting massive digital marketing budget to mobile is the lack of viewability and accurate measurement. Video Player-Ad Interface Definition, more aptly termed VPAID, was designed to solve this industry problem, but bringing this format over to the app environment poses some challenges. Download the full case study to learn about the unique solution that Fyber developed for Oath to address this industry problem, and find out what results it achieved by connecting to the largest pool of mobile VPAID inventory on the market.

The challenge

  • Lack of mobile ad tracking and measurement
  • Reliance on scarce mobile VPAID inventory as VAST-only supply does not allow for viewability measurement
  • Technical challenges leveraging in-app VPAID

The solution

The Fyber team tackled the VPAID scalability issue and decided to further develop its platform into the first and only mobile monetization platform in the industry that fully supports VPAID for all standard mobile ad units.

The result

  • 60% of inventory can be measured for viewability
  • 98% viewability rate of the measurable inventory
  • Oath gained access to thousands of new publishers



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