Digital Dish of the Week: Online Gaming Gets Real

For this week’s installment of the Digitial Dish, we’re going back to our gaming roots. Most online games seem to fit a similar mold, so it’s nice to see something new like what the folks at Alternet Reality are creating. They’re a small startup that has online players control the actions of real people to tell a collaborative story.

The first game Alternet Reality ran featured a character who was kidnapped, and found himself alone in a boat. Players had to direct the man to find and piece together clues around him so that he could realize his location, and have other characters come to his rescue. The actor himself had no idea where he was which added a real-life element to the game.

“You’re interacting as if this is really a real situation,”Anthony Purzycki, one of the game’s creators says. “In a slightly mundane world where we’re just working non-stop or taking care of family, it provides this escape hatch.”

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