Domino’s Sees Strong Results With BrandEngage

“BrandEngage by SponsorPay is a really good solution for Domino’s to reach their audience with more engaging ad units.” 
– Ben Smart, Senior Digital Display Planner/Buyer, Arena Media

Domino’s partnered with SponsorPay to launch a user-initiated engagement campaign within a number of games on its BrandEngage platform. In order to generate awareness of their any size pizza offer and capture people in their leisure time, viewers were presented with a short commercial then directed to the Domino’s webpage where they had the opportunity to order a pizza before receiving a small in-game reward for completing the simple process.


SponsorPay was able to help the pizza delivery company target a highly-engaged audience by integrating a branded video campaign complete with a custom skin within the high-quality and brand-safe environment of social games. To optimize results, UK gamers were targeted, not only when they’d be most app to be playing, but also when they’d be hungry: weekdays from 4p.m. to 10p.m. and Saturday midday to 4p.m. Sunday.


SponsorPay not only met but exceeded the targeted amount of completed video views by 25%, giving the campaign an expansive reach. Additionally, 36% of viewers were encouraged to click through (compared to that of less than 1% for standard ads) to the Domino’s online pizza sales page, and – although not a direct goal – a number of pizza sales were generated by the campaign.


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