Facebook and AdMob Rewarded Video Demand Now Available Through Fyber Mediation

Rewarded Video from Facebook and Google through Fyber Mediation

We’ve been a long-term mediation partner for both Facebook Audience Network and Google AdMob, but today we are pleased to bring you some exciting news. Recently, both have made their unique rewarded video demand available to Fyber publishers like you through our mobile ad network mediation platform.

In offering rewarded video, Google and Facebook send a clear signal to the market, particularly to brands, that this is an ad format that is increasing in importance and can deliver the results that advertisers desire.

Why is that? Put simply, users love engaging with rewarded video. In Mary Meeker’s recent Internet trends report, 68% of people reported having a positive response to this ad format, more than any other type of ad.

Particularly for mobile games, players are fond of the opt-in nature of rewarded video and love the ability to earn soft consumables (time-based rewards or bonuses) for interacting with a brand or advertiser. This keeps them engaged in the game and supports a positive user experience.

But rewarded video isn’t great for just advertisers and users. The high eCPMs coupled with positive user engagement can drive significant increases in ARPDAU and LTV when compared to other ad formats. Overall, it helps game and app publishers maximize their ad revenue.

Additionally, for publishers who are concerned about rewarded video cannibalizing their in-app purchases, it actually proves to be an ideal complement. In fact, players who engaged with rewarded ads are more than twice as likely to eventually pay for premium content or features they initially accessed through a rewarded ad.

Finally, many Fyber publishers have seen that rewarded video is an ideal partner to our exclusive offer wall in their monetization strategy. By integrating both opt-in ad formats – offer wall for hard currency, rewarded video for consumables – publishers can reward their users while capturing a larger piece of the monetization pie.

To include Facebook or AdMob rewarded video demand in your mediation stack, reach out to your account manager today or contact us: [email protected]

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