FAQ: How to get ready for iOS 9

By Renee Matsalla, Senior Marketing Manager
Thursday, September 3, 2015 / 2 min read

Apple released iOS 9 on September 16 and we want to ensure you’re ready for this update. To address any questions developers and advertisers may have on this topic, we’ve prepared an FAQ for your team.

What is new in iOS 9 that impacts developers?
Now that iOS 9 is released, your app, it’s SDKs, and the corresponding libraries must comply with the iOS 9 requirements. Please prepare for the following updates:

  • Apple will make support for IPv6, the most recent version of the Internet Protocol (IP), an AppStore submission requirement in early 2016. Fyber’s iOS SDK 8.0 and higher supports IPv6. Older Fyber SDKs also support IPv6: iOS SDK 7.2.6 and Unity plugin 7.2.7 or higher.
  • App Transport Security (ATS) is a feature that blocks applications from making insecure network connections. The entire advertising ecosystem must support ATS, but this large industry shift will take time. Fyber’s infrastructure currently complies with ATS, and we are working with our Fyber Exchange and Fyber Mediation partners to facilitate the transition on their end. In the meantime, we recommend to temporarily override ATS to avoid decreases in fill rates. To do this, adjust your .plist configuration file:


  • Bitcode is part of the new app thinning features of iOS 9 and is optional. Fyber offers bitcode support in iOS SDK 8.0 and higher.

For more technical information on these requirements, please visit Apple’s developer library for IPv6, ATS, and Bitcode.

How will this affect Fyber’s SDK?
Fyber’s iOS SDK 7.2.6 and Unity plugin 7.2.7 or higher support IPv6 and are iOS 9 compatible. Fyber’s iOS SDK 8.0 and higher supports bitcode in addition to IPv6 and features a streamlined API that will help app developers easily integrate mobile advertising.
If you have not updated to one of our iOS 9 compatible SDKs, download the latest version below.

[one_half]iOS SDK[/one_half]

[one_half]Unity Plugin[/one_half]

When do I need to update my Fyber SDK?

The Fyber SDK should be updated before your next App Store submission now that iOS 9 is officially released.

What about my mediated ad networks?
We are working closely with our ad network partners to achieve full iOS 9 compatibility, including an update of our developer-friendly mediation bundles to support the latest compatible partner SDKs. Currently, most mediation bundles are iOS 9 ready if ATS is disabled. To see the full list of updated bundles, see our developer portal for rewarded video and interstitials.

As an advertiser, what do these requirements mean for me?
The primary change introduced by iOS 9 which affects advertisers is the App Transport Security (ATS) feature. ATS blocks applications from making insecure network connections. Fyber’s infrastructure already complies with this requirement, however, it will be necessary for the entire advertising ecosystem as a whole to also support these secure connections, which includes our DSP and mediated ad network partners.

Who do I contact for more information on iOS 9?
If you have any further questions regarding iOS 9, please contact your account manager or email [email protected].