FAQ: How to manage campaign migration from Ad-X

A few months ago Criteo announced that on September 15, 2015 they will retire Ad-X, their mobile install attribution platform. We’ve put together a short guide to lead you through the migration process!

As an Advertiser, what does this mean for me?

As of September 15, Ad-X will no longer be supported. This means that if you are currently using Ad-X as your mobile app attribution solution, you will have to migrate your campaigns to the replacement solution of your choice.

Criteo recommends to work with one of the following two partners to provide data continuity after Ad-X sunsets: Adjust or Mobile App Tracking (MAT) by Tune.  You can find additional details in the migration support documentation from Adjust and MAT.

Fyber is fully integrated with both of the recommended solutions, and our account managers would be happy to introduce you to these, or any other 3rd party solutions we currently work with.

How will Fyber support this transition?

As a key user acquisition partner, we have prepared this FAQ to guide you through the various stages of the transition. Our account managers will also work closely with you to migrate all your campaigns to the solution of your choice.

As an Advertiser, what should I do to switch to a new solution?

The first step is to select a new mobile attribution solution that best suits your needs.

Fyber supports a wide range of attribution solutions, in addition to the two partners recommended by Criteo (Adjust and MAT by TUNE), so please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager to find out if we support your chosen solution.

Once you’ve selected your new solution, you will need to configure all install campaigns with your new attribution provider to begin passing installs.

How do I migrate my Fyber ad campaigns?

For new campaigns:

You simply need to provide us with the new tracking URL for each of your campaigns. Please provide us with this information if you plan on launching new campaigns with your new attribution provider.

For active campaigns that were previously set up with Ad-X:

After September 15, the Ad-X tracking URL for these campaigns will no longer work. To ensure that tracking is not interrupted, please let us know when you plan to migrate your campaigns. To support a seamless migration, you will need to provide us with the new tracking URL for all active campaigns prior to September 15. Your Fyber account manager will assist you in setting up the new tracking URL for each of your campaigns.

For past campaigns that you want to re-activate:

You will need to set up a new tracking URL and provide it to your Fyber account manager so that they can update your campaigns.
If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact your account manager.

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