Fyber acquires Falk Realtime, Ltd.

We’re pleased to share the news that Fyber is acquiring Falk Realtime, Ltd., a rapidly growing ad tech company based in Düsseldorf, Germany. Our official announcement is here, and we’re thrilled to welcome them to the Fyber family. This acquisition paves the way for Fyber to become one of the world’s leading independent full stack supply side platforms (SSP). By empowering app developers with an ad tech infrastructure that has additional flexibility and granular controls, we help to monetize their inventory for optimal performance and return – all under one roof.

So who is Falk Realtime? The company was founded in 2013 by ad tech veterans Erwin Plomp, Henrik Basten, and Ultano Kindelan. Prior to Falk Realtime, the founders were responsible for EMEA operations in leading ad tech companies like DoubleClick, Experian, and EyeWonder, among others. The entire Falk Realtime team will be joining Fyber and the acquisition is expected to be completed in spring of 2015. All of us at Fyber are very happy to welcome a strong team of industry veterans.

Falk Realtime brings a multitude of enhancements to Fyber’s programmatic stack and new functionalities for app developers under a single, unified platform. We plan to integrate Falk Realtime’s ad server and RTB stack to empower our developer partners to monetize their apps in new ways, and continue to invest in future growth. This includes a wide variety of functionalities, such as setting up private marketplaces and running programmatic direct campaigns, as well as direct sold and cross promo campaigns via a self-serve ad server. For more information, please check out our FAQ.

As mobile advertising continues to shift to programmatic, we’re focused on investing in the technology and talent that will enhance our programmatic stack for app developers alike.

This is an important new chapter for Fyber, and our commitment to disrupt the status quo of mobile advertising by making it smarter and easier is just one small step in the many improvements to come.

We can’t thank you enough for your continued support and look forward to sharing more great news in 2015.

Andreas Bodczek & Janis Zech
Co-founders, Fyber

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