Fyber Aims to Drive Programmatic Adoption With Addition of Industry Expert Aaron Dalin

img_AaronDalin_bioToday, we’re excited to announce the addition of former Facebook executive and ad tech expert Aaron Dalin to Fyber as head of U.S. publisher sales for RTB.

Bringing experience and leadership

Aaron brings 20 years of deep industry experience that began on the publisher side at  Turner Broadcasting and CNN Interactive. Since then, he has led the publisher video business for Americas at Google/DoubleClick and most recently held the role of head of publisher sales, publisher ad tech North America at Facebook. It’s an honor to welcome such an expert to the Fyber family, as Fyber RTB chief commercial officer Erwin Plomp said:

“Aaron represents a rare breed of ad tech leadership who possesses a combined and unparalleled in-depth knowledge of both the supply and demand side, with a proven ability to build strong teams and scale business growth. His experience in managing growth with top premium publishers will serve us well as we continue to deliver high quality, brand safe, exclusive supply to our advertisers and high eCPMs to our publisher partners.”

Driving programmatic adoption

Video and in-app programmatic deliver the scale and efficiency that helps encourage billions of additional dollars in ad spend, which is why the industry will continue to see significant growth in this area. As publishers scramble to keep up with the fragmentation of their audience across multiple devices, the rapid growth in the programmatic space empowers publishers with two distinct benefits with a platform like Fyber: a more efficient way to monetize and a way to reach premium advertisers programmatically. Aaron joins with the objective of growing Fyber’s RTB direct publisher base by empowering U.S. publishers to adopt programmatic and drive more revenue across all channels.

We’ve asked Aaron what made him most excited about joining Fyber at such an important time for us and programmatic advertising:

“As addressable video supply continues to evolve, media owners need a flexible monetization platform designed to their specific requirements. I am thrilled to join the Fyber RTB team and drive the company strategy forward in delivering great technology solutions to our diverse publisher base.”

You can read the full press release here. If you’re a publisher interested in learning more about Fyber RTB, check out our Programmatic Guide blog series or contact us at developers at fyber dot com.

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