Fyber Analytics Enhancements: Updated Reporting API & 10x Faster Speed

Reporting API for Mobile App Monetization

We are happy to announce the release of an updated Reporting API, which provides additional data insights that will increase publishers’ revenue and user retention rates. Additionally, Reporting API downloads and Ad Monetization Dashboard speed are 10x faster, drastically reducing wait times thanks to enhancements in the cloud infrastructure. With the new updates, the Reporting API provides even more data and metrics so publishers can build better reporting for their business needs and help drive revenue through an improved user experience.

What’s new?

Fyber’s Reporting API helps publishers take granular data and aggregate it for an in-depth analysis of their monetization strategy.  New updates include a wide range of publisher, application, and unified mediation statistics, such as pre-calculated eCPM and ARPDAU.

Key publisher benefits:

  • Save time with automated reporting  
  • Breakdown data per country, ad format, application, and ad network
  • Store data in-house and integrate it with other business applications for holistic insights
  • Run in-house or third party analytics to identify more monetization and retention opportunities

Getting started

All publishers who are monetizing with Fyber automatically have access to the reporting API. Here’s how to get started:

1. Login to the Ad Monetization Dashboard
2. Click on Account in the bottom left-hand corner

Click stream for reporting API for app monetization

3. Click on the API tab
4. Copy your Reporting API credentials

Select Reporting API Credentials

5. Follow the documentation link to get more information on publisher, application, and unified mediation reporting

Check it out!

To learn more about Fyber’s Reporting API send an email to [email protected], or contact your Account Manager.

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