Fyber expands breadth of demand with ironSource partnership

Publishers should never have to choose among monetization platforms in order to access the demand that matters most. As a continuation of this principle, we are excited to announce that the ironSource ad network is now available on Fyber’s mobile ad mediation platform.


Our partnership with ironSource allows publishers to optimize yield from another strong demand source in Fyber’s partner portfolio. By adding another demand source, there is now greater competition which drives higher fill rates and CPMs. Connecting to all top demand sources complements Fyber’s robust monetization tools, such as our data segmentation solution Audience Vault, or Fyber FairBid—our industry-first in-app header bidding solution for mobile apps and games, allowing all demand sources to compete fairly, side-by-side, in real time.


“Fyber has long-standing partnerships with the industry’s top demand sources, and we are pleased to add ironSource to that list,” said Offer Yehudai, President of Fyber. “This partnership is an example of our commitment to create data-driven monetization tools for publishers and connect them to strong demand sources.”


“We’re excited to be bringing our premium global demand to Fyber’s client base,” said Tal Shoham, COO Developer Solutions at ironSource. “Beyond robust technology and a wide range of creatives, the key to any successful app monetization strategy is strong performance demand, and we look forward to bringing that added impact to publishers and developers in the Fyber ecosystem.”


Similarly, the partnership enables Fyber VAMP’s programmatic demand, which includes unique VPAID support, to be available for publishers using the ironSource mediation platform.

Getting started

Publishers can now download the ironSource mediation bundle on the Fyber mobile ad mediation platform. Get started here.

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