Fyber FairBid Moves Into In-App Bidding Open Beta on Meta Audience Network

Meta Audience Network bidding is now available to all Fyber FairBid publishers. We are happy to share that Fyber FairBid has officially moved out of closed beta and is now live in open beta with in-app bidding on Meta Audience Network! In-app bidding has long been a core part of our DNA, enabling our partners to maximize the advantages of increased demand, efficiency and revenues for app developers and publishers that bidding creates over waterfalls.


While bidding integrations with Meta Audience Network have been available to FairBid publishers since the early days of in-app bidding in 2018, the onboarding required pre-approval and was more manual. With a move to open beta, the integration is now available to all publishers, and the process is self-serve and streamlined – making it quicker and easier for our publishers to experience the full benefits of in-app bidding.


“We are thrilled to continue to grow our partnership with Meta Audience Network, the largest bidding partner in the industry.” Said Offer Yehudai, President at Fyber. “Fyber has long been a proponent of in-app bidding and we’ve seen it deliver significant value to publishers using Fyber FairBid. This is a key step forward in making it seamless for publishers to reap the rewards of in-app bidding in terms of both revenue and operational efficiency.”


We have seen firsthand the strong results that can arise from bidding when running all monetization 100% programmatically. Metrics such as ARPDAU jump up more than 20%, driven by competition for ad inventory increasing from a few ad networks to dozens of programmatic buyers. Publishers who adopt bidding solutions are able to shift their focus to developing their games, instead of dealing with the operational overheads that the waterfall requires.


This exciting announcement is another significant step in our continuous mission to drive adoption of programmatic solutions in the mobile app ecosystem, by enabling a fair and transparent bidding environment.


Meta Audience Network announced that it will gradually shift to supporting only bidding integrations (starting with iOS in Q2 2021). Offering a seamless integration experience is more timely than ever before, and a testament to the fact that adoption of app bidding solutions is set only to accelerate.


Moreover, bidding could be one way to mitigate the potential impact of a post-IDFA world, by helping publishers maximize the value of individual impressions, as opposed to the aggregated monetization approach of waterfalls.


“We’re excited to move our partnership with Fyber’s FairBid mediation platform into open beta to help app developers and publishers enjoy faster, seamless access to bidding with Meta Audience Network,” said Amit Bhojwani, Head of Ad Tech Partnerships at Meta Audience Network. “Bidding has proven to drive significant impact on publishers’ revenue and operational efficiency, while continuing to move the app ecosystem towards being more fair and transparent.”


Through investment in technology and in strategic partnerships with bidding partners like Meta Audience Network, we open the door to more demand and increased bid density that ultimately maximizes ARPDAU and LTV for publishers. Removing barriers to adopt bidding is an integral part of our vision to provide an efficient and transparent monetization platform for publishers to grow their business with.


Click here to boost monetization performance through in-app bidding with Meta Audience Network.

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