What You’ll Learn From Fyber’s 7 Most Popular Stories of 2016

So just what was the Fyber Pulse community reading in 2016? We decided to ask our data overlord, Google Analytics, to figure out which stories resonated the most with you, our mobile app and game developer community, in 2016.

While imperfect, taking a data-informed approach proved to be the more objective route in choosing the top stories of last year. After all, it’s a little hard for us to choose our favorite stories since we wrote them—that’s like choosing a favorite child.

Below, you’ll find the seven most popular posts from last year, along with a quick summary of what you’ll learn from each story. Let’s dive in!

1. Developer’s Guide to Programmatic Series

What you’ll learn: A multi-part series on the basics of programmatic advertising, unpacking all of the complexities that come with programmatic.

2. Programmatic Ads: A New Gold Mine for Mobile Game Developers

What you’ll learn: Why more and more mobile game and app developers are looking toward programmatic ads to enhance monetization.

3. Why Choosing a Mobile Ad SDK Is Like Building a Fantasy Sports Team

What you’ll learn: Six major factors you should look for when evaluating a mobile ad SDK that will lead to maximum revenue generation.

4. Four Ways to Evaluate Your Mediated Ad Networks

What you’ll learn: How to choose and evaluate your mediated ad networks with an eye on key metrics, campaign priorities, ad formats, and level of automatic optimization.

5. Barry Dorf on Why VR Is Bigger Than Just a Bubble

What you’ll learn: 3 examples why VR is here to stay right now and into the not-too-distant future, according to mobile industry vet (currently at Amazon Game Services) Barry Dorf.

6. What the Hottest Free Games in the App Store Have in Common

What you’ll learn: Ad monetization was big business in 2016. Here, you can see some of the top mobile games that crushed it with ad monetization last year.

7. Mobile Acquisition 101 Series

What you’ll learn: Through a series of posts, we walk you through the basics on how to build and run a profitable user acquisition strategy.

From everyone on the Fyber Pulse team, we thank you for reading the blog over the past year. Here’s to creating more actionable posts in 2017!

Don’t see your favorite story or stories from 2016 in this list? Or have any burning topics you’d like us to cover in 2017? Let us know on Twitter!

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