Fyber Named a Top Platform for Driving Higher ROI

Mobile app game Fyber Singular ROI IndexOne of the biggest challenges for user acquisition managers of mobile apps and games is delivering the most ROI. In mobile marketing platform Singular’s recently released ROI Index, it named Fyber as one of the top-ranking mobile UA and monetization platforms for iOS when it comes to delivering the highest ROI for mobile advertising campaigns. Though, an honor like this doesn’t happen without you and the Fyber Pulse community, and for that we’re grateful for your support.

And in the same report, Singular highlighted Fyber as one of the “rising stars” among the top 20 platforms, predicting that Fyber’s share of mobile ad budgets will continue to grow in 2017.

About the Index

The Singular ROI Index analyzed the 30-day ROI of over 1,000 mobile marketing and monetization platforms across more than 1,500 apps to form the top 20 rankings.

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