Fyber Offer Wall users determined the best way to re-engage with offers

Ever had a feeling you forgot something important? Left something you wanted to complete, and simply forgot? 


This is often the case for the Offer Wall users, and the reason why we introduced a new reminder about offers in progress they left behind, letting them easily pick it up where they left off. Over the last month, users have been seeing different re-engagement banners reminding them of offers in progress – and now we identified the one they engage with the most. Here is what it means to our users, publishers and advertisers.



Users first


Users are a top priority for us. That’s why our main focus was to make sure they would engage and benefit from the new feature. We ran an A/B test showcasing multiple versions of re-engagement notification until we’ve got the right one – a scroll-up banner.


It shows up to five in-progress offers, allowing users to proceed to the exact offer or review  all the uncompleted offers. The banner appears inside the Offer Wall once a day to remind a user about the pending rewards and enrich their experience with Offer Wall.


More offers completed = higher publishers revenue


With a re-engagement banner encouraging users to complete offers in progress, early tests showed ARPDEU increase for our publishers. We continue monitoring revenue metrics as we roll out this feature to the wider audience.


This reminder about the uncompleted offers boosts users’ experience and highlights the opportunities to earn the precise virtual currency needed. The more offers completed – the higher the publisher revenue is!


Users remember, advertisers win


The re-engagement banner is an additional touch point for users to interact with offers. Offers in progress are always in plain sight, proactively capturing the user’s attention – and enabling easier access that leads to higher offer conversion rates. 


Placing an active spotlight on in-progress offers and bringing the users back creates an engagement loop between publishers and advertisers apps, driving strong results.



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