Fyber parent company RNTS Media acquires Heyzap


Last year was another big year for Fyber.

We’ve been extremely privileged to share a string of exciting developments, from the acquisition of Falk Realtime to strengthen our programmatic business, the expansion of our leadership team with the addition of Jim Schinella as CBO, Henrik Basten as CTO and Heiner Luntz as our new group CFO, and raising €100M in convertible bond to further fuel our ongoing growth. As a team, it’s been also rewarding to bring a record number of new product developments to the market – including the launch of our own programmatic exchange, the introduction of developer-friendly mediation bundles, and the roll-out of industry-leading pre-caching controls.

As we enter this new year, we’re thrilled to share yet another milestone: the completed acquisition of Heyzap, a high-growth app monetization company, recently named one of the fastest growing companies in San Francisco by San Francisco Business Times.

Welcoming Heyzap to the Fyber family is a very special moment for us, as it brings two companies with a similar mission together – to empower mobile app and game developers by creating the best solutions for ad monetization and user acquisition. This acquisition instantly accelerates our global mobile scale to over half a billion monthly active users, making Fyber one of the largest independent mobile monetization platforms in the market.

Heyzap was co-founded by Jude Gomila and Immad Akhund in 2009 and is based in San Francisco, CA. Its SDK for Android and iOS apps allows app and game developers to monetize their inventory, while exposing their apps to a wider audience. Heyzap currently provides a mediation layer, an ad exchange, publisher tools and cross-promotion services to mobile developers worldwide.

Over time, our technology and business teams will work closely together to optimize and evaluate how to best leverage the Heyzap platform to integrate into Fyber’s. We’ll keep pushing the envelope, and will continue to invest in our platform development in our quest to ensure that Fyber offers the most advanced, flexible, and customized suite of ad management tools in the industry.

This acquisition paves the way for Fyber’s continued growth in 2016, as we become one of the world’s leading independent full stack supply-side platforms (SSPs). Together with Heyzap, our combined technology platform now offers publishers a more robust suite of mobile app monetization tools available to the marketplace today, while giving advertisers the ability to reach a larger global audience. For more information, please check out our FAQ.

We’re excited to have the Heyzap team join the Fyber team and look forward to the company’s continued growth in the new year.

Andreas Bodczek & Janis Zech
Co-founders, Fyber

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