Fyber parent company RNTS Media raises $112M in convertible bond to fuel future growth

fyber rnts media convertible bond funding It’s been a transformational year for Fyber. We’ve been extremely privileged to share a string of exciting developments, from our own acquisition news, to the acquisition of Falk Realtime to strengthen our programmatic business, to the record number of new product developments that we’ve brought to the market – including the launch of our own programmatic exchange, the introduction of developer-friendly mediation bundles, and the roll-out of industry-leading pre-caching controls. In addition, just weeks ago we announced the expansion of our leadership team with the onboarding of Jim Schinella as CBO and Henrik Basten as CTO. We are pleased to share yet another exciting announcement with you today.

Our parent company, RNTS Media, has raised 100M in convertible bond, or $112 million, with an option to tap into an additional 50M, or $57 million, to further invest into the organization and fuel our ongoing growth. In addition, RNTS Media upgraded its listing to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol ‘RNM’. This shift will allow RNTS to become much more accessible to the international investor community and opens up a broader range of investment opportunities to RNTS and its subsidiaries. To read more about the details of this announcement, please see the full story in VentureBeat.

For Fyber, these developments are an indication of great things to come, both for our company and its clients. We know that the ad tech ecosystem is busy, fragmented, and rapidly-consolidating. Our mission is to continue providing innovative solutions that set the bar for smarter ad monetization. The influx of capital will allow us to invest in technologies that cement our place as a leading full-stack supply side platform and allow us to scale as our business continues to grow.

In the coming months, we will be doubling down on Fyber’s growth strategy and evaluating acquisition opportunities that can help make Fyber an even better and stronger platform for our clients. We will be looking particularly at those that can help us accelerate product development or scale existing offerings.

There is no doubt that the year ahead will be our most exciting one yet. We can’t wait to share it with you.

Andreas Bodczek and Janis Zech
Fyber Co-founders

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