Fyber partners with AppNexus to strengthen programmatic video offering

AppNexus_LogoThe demand for video advertising, particularly programmatic solutions, is stronger than ever before. eMarketer estimates the value of the global online video market at approximately $7.8 billion for 2015, with 30% of that amount qualifying as programmatic-only. Furthermore, programmatic video spend is expected to more than double in 2016.

Over the past few months, Fyber has focused heavily on the growth of our programmatic video exchange, offering clients even more access to the world’s leading demand. Today, we are thrilled to announce the addition of AppNexus to Fyber’s video programmatic exchange. This brings our impressive roster of DSP and demand source partners to over 120. The strength of Fyber’s growing platform is evident in the numbers: Just this month, we announced that our programmatic video product saw weekly revenue increases of more than 250% and impression increases of over 330% between May and August 2015.

“AppNexus is a natural fit for Fyber’s programmatic platform,” said Fyber VP of Business Development, Erwin Plomp. “Its high-quality, scalable demand is a fantastic match for the top-ranking developers that use Fyber’s Supply Side Platform, and allows us to offer even more value to our publisher clients.”

AppNexus announced its entry into the programmatic video market in June. Early testing of their video product indicated excellent ROI for leading agency clients, such as Collective UK, the multiscreen programmatic media company, and Xaxis EMEA, the programmatic media platform within the advertising agency holding group, WPP.

“Partnering with industry leaders such as Fyber is critical for us as we build out a broad and deep portfolio of supply for an open video marketplace,” shared Eric Hoffert, AppNexus’ SVP of video technology. “Fyber’s focus on mobile video and global inventory is particularly attractive to many of our buyers. Together we are committed to maximizing reach and value for marketers to deliver campaigns for video users across multiple devices.”

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