The Fyber Programmatic RTB Exchange ends beta, launches globally

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We’re excited to announce that the Fyber Programmatic RTB Exchange has moved out of beta and that programmatic demand is now available to all clients using interstitial ads. Through Real Time Bidding (RTB) – a programmatic technology – Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) and their advertisers can bid on app developers’ RTB inventory in real time and apply fine-tuned targeting on the inventory most relevant to them. With this launch, Fyber now brings together a mediation layer across Interstitials and Rewarded Video with an RTB exchange.

For DSPs, Fyber’s OpenRTB-based exchange enables access to a growing base of unique mobile inventory through Fyber’s mobile Supply Side Platform, with 100% in-app placements from premium developers. Through high-performance ad formats – including Opt-in Video and Interstitials – DSPs and their advertisers can reach the segments that matter most from Fyber’s 320M+ monthly unique users and adjust their campaign budgets in real time to respond to performance. DSPs already integrated into Fyber’s RTB platform include TradeMob, Mars Media Group, Ajillion, Pocket Math, Remerge, Jampp and Liquid M.

RTB exchange and rtb platform Sunstorm quoteFor developers, the launch of Fyber’s RTB Exchange means instant access to more high-quality Interstitial demand from leading DSPs with larger budgets. Programmatic demand competes against developers’ other demand sources, including mediation, to ensure that the highest-paying ad is always served first. “It’s great to see Fyber’s platform expand to support RTB for mobile advertising,” said Reid Sheppard, Director, Analytics Technology and Ad Revenue, Sunstorm Games. “Programmatic access to larger ad budgets and more inventory will allow us to utilize the Fyber platform to the full extent, providing efficiency and more revenue streams.”

To join our Programmatic RTB Exchange as an advertiser, please contact [email protected].

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