Fyber’s Video SSP Provides More Transparency With OpenRTB 2.5

Fyber Video SSP OpenRTB 2.5 standard

Do we bid or not? That’s a key question that DSPs tackle every day in the real-time bidding (RTB) ecosystem. To help answer this question, Fyber continues to increase marketplace transparency for you. As part of our ongoing initiative for transparency and efficiency, Fyber is happy to announce that we’re now compatible with OpenRTB 2.5.

Background on IAB’s OpenRTB initiative

OpenRTB is a project driven by the IAB, along with participation from leading SSPs and DSPs. Fyber is now one of the first SSPs to adopt OpenRTB 2.5 standards.

The mission for OpenRTB is to spur growth in RTB marketplaces by providing open industry standards for communication between advertising buyers and publishing sellers. The latest version, OpenRTB 2.5, was recently released by the IAB with the goal of integrating the latest trends and improvements in programmatic technology.

What you need to know about OpenRTB 2.5

What does OpenRTB 2.5 compatibility mean for you? DSPs will have more transparency in the ecosystem, which will help them optimize ROI by buying inventory with more intelligent data. Also, since DSPs will have a better understanding of inventory, the value of the inventory will increase for publishers. Following are highlights:

  • Bid loss notifications sent to DSPs: We’re now able to send bid loss notifications, enabling DSPs to better understand the reason why they didn’t win an auction. DSPs can then take immediate action to optimize, such as adjusting bid floors, updating creative, and more.

Fyber IAB OpenRTB DSP no bid reasons description table

  • DSP “no bid reasons” sent to publishers: Fyber and our publishers now receive more data for the reasons why DSPs didn’t offer a bid for an impression. This data helps to optimize supply traffic for demand sources, and provides more insights on quality measurements.
  • Additional parameters for mobile traffic: With OpenRTB 2.5 compliance, we’re now able to share more parameters with DSPs and advertisers for assessing mobile traffic. For example, DSPs can target users by browser type, which results in more cost effective campaigns if ad creatives perform better in a certain type of browser. OpenRTB 2.5 compliance provides other bid parameters for campaign targeting, such as the ad mediation partner, SDK technology, or video player rendering the ad. 

Actionable insights for bid requests

In addition to OpenRTB 2.5 compliance, Fyber is now providing other data parameters to DSPs to use in the bid assessment process. Additional data points now available include IAB vertical categories (ex: autos for cars.com), prebid fraud checks, and ad viewability metrics. Better data for bid assessments increases ROI for buyers, and the value of inventory for publishers.

To learn more about OpenRTB 2.5 or the additional parameters, please reach out to dsp dot relations at fyber dot com.

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