Fyber’s tool kit has you covered for iOS14 and SKAdNetwork

We were with you when the mobile app industry took a collective sigh of relief after Apple announced the postponement of IDFA opt-in and the AppTrackingTransparency enforcement to “early Q1 2021”. Alas, the holidays are upon us and while everyone rushes to make the app submission deadlines including new content, features, and updates, iOS14 SKAdNetwork specific preparation may have fallen to the wayside.   


We’ve got you covered with our SKAdNetwork tool kit!

Our iOS14+ specific tool kit has three components today that are accessible even to non-Fyber customers. These tools are crucial in ensuring that you don’t miss out on demand and revenue, by ensuring proper implementation of SKAdNetwork requirements. 

What’s in the Fyber FairBid SKAdNetwork tool kit? 

In September, we released an SKAdNetwork Plist Generator, available in our developer portal for any app developer out there – client Fyber or not. This tool simplifies the process of creating the content for your info.plist file by pulling the relevant SKAdNetwork IDs you’ll need to include in your project based on the ad networks you plan to integrate. From our developer portal, you can simply copy the entries and paste directly into your Info.plist folder. 


In November, we released an Info.plist Updater to compliment the Plist Generator and provide the most comprehensive solution to manage your info.plist file. The info.plist Updater detects your configuration in Xcode or Unity, automatically recognizes the ad networks you have integrated, and seamlessly downloads and inserts the relevant entries into your info.plist file on your behalf. This software was developed by our FairBid engineers and released as an open source program for anyone using multiple ad networks in a single project. 


Since FairBid SDK 3.8.0, we updated the FairBid Mediation Test Suite to now include alerts about missing SKAdNetwork identifiers. Our friendly UI in the test suite provides clear feedback on what went wrong, including missing SKAdNetwork identifiers in your project. Used in tandem with the Info.plist SKAdNetwork Updater, you’ll never miss a beat when it comes to staying on top of the SKAdNetwork game. Update your FairBid SDK today to take advantage of these tools and be fully prepared for iOS14 in early Q1 2021.


FairBid Mediation Test Suite, missing SKAdNetwork


Fyber FairBid’s Mediation Test Suite is also available for both iOS and Android for mediation integration checks, ensuring that you have valid API keys and credentials for your mediated networks populated in your Fyber publisher dashboard. 


Mediation is evolving 

This iOS14 tool kit is another step we’ve taken to make your mobile app development cycle happier. As the mobile advertising ecosystem matures, your needs as a publisher are changing, calling for more sophisticated solutions that go beyond straight-forward ad monetization. Fyber is committed to building tools that enable seamless collaboration between monetization teams, product managers, and engineers, making it easy for publishers to ensure that they are set up for growth and success even during times of change and uncertainty.


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