Game Jam: Four Tips for Smart Ad Integration in Sports Apps

Game-Jam Monetization and Growth

Every week, Fyber’s monetization experts meet to play their favorite mobile games and talk shop about monetization. This time, while mourning Germany’s loss in the Euro 2016, our Berlin team played top sports games to try and reclaim some Euro Cup glory. Read on for four things to keep in mind when it comes to smart mobile ad integration in sports games and apps.

Getting users to interact with ads is key

“Engagement is a key focus for our Monetization and Growth team and is an important metric for all apps,” explained Remco de Blecourt, Team Lead, Developer Monetization & Growth, EMEA. “Engagement is the percent of users who are engaging with ads. Higher engagement means more impressions and more revenue. To improve engagement, you want to integrate ads in a way that gets the widest spread of exposure to your users.”

The target engagement rate for rewarded formats is 30 to 50 percent. If you’re at 10 – 15 percent, there is definitely room for improvement.

But don’t forget to watch eCPMs

“Keep in mind that the more placements you have, the more frequency there will be, so your eCPMs can decrease,” Remco said. “So if you have 10 videos, with every additional view, your eCPM will decrease. It could be your strategy to have as many videos as possible. Or you can limit it to keep the eCPMs high. The strategy that works for you will depend on your game, DAUs, etc., so our team likes to help and find the best balance.”

So what are some mobile ad integration tweaks you can make to increase engagement?

1) Choose the right call-to-action

“We’ve seen apps double their ad engagement rates with the right call-to-action (CTA). If you go into the store, you normally get soft currency or hard currency by making an in-app purchase. For soft currency, such as coins, you can add a CTA to watch a video to get more currency,” said Remco. “It’s always ideal to integrate your video ads in the most native way possible. When you are rolling through an in-app store for example, you can incorporate a call-to-action to watch a video ad. This is a great way to integrate ads in a way that is helpful and enjoyable for the user.”


Image: An example of a highly visible and natively integrated call-to-action in Melsoft Games’ Toy Defense

2) Use custom Offer Wall placements for a more native feel

Jan Pollack, Sr. Monetization Manager, has seen many creative Offer Wall integrations that highlight the highest paying offers. “Offer Walls help users earn virtual currency to purchase new trainings or unlock new arenas.”

Sports apps can take an offer wall API to customize offer placements and make high paying offers more natively integrated and visible. 

“You could place it in a menu or wherever the user is getting the currency on a regular basis.”

3) Timing cuts and unlocking training levels

“A lot of sports games involve waiting for team members to reach full strength or waiting to unlock a new stadium. You could allow users to watch a video and get a multiplier for the waiting time so it’s faster. For example, if you’re building a stadium and it will take 16 days to complete, you can watch a video to reduce it by 1 day. You can call it a booster,” said Galina Vasilyeva, Developer Relations Manager.

4) Keep users on their toes with reward randomization

“Randomization of reward payouts is a great way to keep users engaged with your ad placements. For example, you can give users access to a daily bonus or reward,” said Inga Teiserskyte, Monetization Manager.

Randomization makes it so users don’t know what reward they will get — and as a user, you always want the highest reward. So users will continually check the placement to try and get the highest reward.

“This bonus can be placed in a highly visible area such as the homepage or in the menu so it’s easy for them to check. Then when they get a high reward, they are very happy with the game and the ad.”

RandomRewardExample Fyber ad integration

Want more insights?

Our Monetization and Growth Team is constantly creating new monetization strategies for apps. See some examples in our Melsoft Games Case study or contact [email protected] to get the best strategies for your app.

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