GDC 2014 – Come & Gone

Whew, another GDC has come and gone! Last week, we had the opportunity to touch base with some of the industry’s most influential companies to discuss market trends, developer pain points and what’s next.

We covered off on significant news — Facebook’s plans to bring mobile analytics in-house and what Apple’s acquisition of Burstly means for the ecosystem — and then delved into other topics that are currently top of mind for our new and existing clients and partners:

  • Segmentation: Developers are interested in more effectively targeting specific cohorts of users according to detailed information, such as whether players are first-time users, make in-app purchases, etc. Effective segmentation tools empower developers to customize their monetization approach with user experience in mind while also providing the ability to test different ad formats and ad networks on subdivisions of their audience.

  • Placement best practices: Many we spoke to were eager to gain wisdom on where and when to show available ad types to users. Naturally, user experience was top of mind in each of our conversations.

  • Supply-side solutions: We received an outpouring of support and interest in our SSP (supply-side platform) solution and its new and existing features. Developers were particularly curious about supporting multiple virtual currencies, rewarding users with fixed & dynamic virtual currency amounts, planned feature updates for our central reporting dashboard and our recent announcement that we’ve launched support for interstitial ads.

We’re eager to extend the conversation beyond GDC. If you have any questions pertaining to segmentation, placement best practices, our SSP solution or any other topics pertaining to mobile monetization, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experts!

It’s been thrilling, insightful, fun, informative and overall awesome, GDC. Until next year!

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