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Hot off the press! We joined Newzoo in shedding light on the current mobile market landscape, with a deep dive into the privacy changes that have rippled across the industry. 


The unprecedented growth of mobile games is past the ‘sky’s the limit’, despite the hurdles it has endured in the past year. The most influential of those has been Apple’s iOS 14.5+ and the rollout of the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework. ATT features a prompt from app developers which requests permission from users to access their identifier for advertisers (IDFA) in order to track them. Apple’s revoking its IDFA subsequently disrupted marketing and user acquisition in the mobile market. 

What did we see in the market?


Since mid June, we’ve seen overall ad spend split down the middle between the two platforms. However, there were more days in which Android ad spend was marginally higher than that of iOS, confirming a growing trend of ad spend shifting toward Android.  


When it comes to eCPMS front, at Fyber we have seen substantial gaps between eCPMs on IDFA opt-in inventory and IDFA opt-out inventory across the different ad formats.


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