How to make the most of your Offer Wall this holiday season

The Offer Wall has been around since the very early days of the app ecosystem. Throughout the years it has gained a loyal customer base of publishers that swear by it – because it drives a significantly incremental part of their ad revenue. 


Because the Offer Wall is a user-initiated ad format and not disruptive to gameplay, users enjoy engaging with it when they are in need of an extra boost in currency or a reason to progress faster – without having to pay.


Why is the holiday season the best time to spotlight the Offer Wall?

  1. More users are playing mobile games and want to progress fast
  2. The attractive specials when seasonal traffic is up increases performance
  3. Still, a fraction of users make IAP
  4. It allows you to leverage higher currency demand as an incremental revenue stream


So, here are a few tips on how to make the most of it, especially during the most wonderful time of year!


Sales! VCSs should be a core part of your strategy


Holidays and seasonal weekends tend to drive an influx of user traffic on apps. For publishers, this presents a lucrative opportunity to run “Virtual Currency Sales” (VCS), and for advertisers to increase user acquisition. VCSs are embedded in the Offer Wall and entice a large pool of unique users to engage, as well as re-engage inactive users. 


Blending a holiday theme and countdown with these limited-time offers adds to the urgency, and this, in turn, drives many benefits. Those include higher demand, and stronger performance in ARPDAU, stimulates the app’s economy and drives a sustained lift in conversions. By leveraging a VCS, publishers can see a revenue uplift of 80%, as compared to an average week. Keep an eye out for our upcoming Christmas VCS and watch your performance rise! 


Make the Offer Wall as accessible as possible


Our version of ASAP is “as accessible as possible”. 


The strategic placement of entry points is essential to encourage maximum engagement and conversion of your game’s offer wall. New users are not necessarily aware of the offer wall unless the placement is easy to spot and creates curiosity for the user to engage. Our partner, Socialpoint, avid game developers using the offer wall, shared an essential tip: It helps to think about where in the gameplay users will be requiring the extra currency and that might be an ideal place to trigger an access point to the Offer Wall.


Jingle up the look and feel of your game


Customization is key. Because the Offer Wall is an extension of the game, new users might feel like they are leaving the game or their progress. This is the time to reflect your app’s natural UX/UI in the Offer Wall to maintain consistency and enhance gameplay.


To make this happen – Placements can be edited to include certain offer types which help users discover offers that are better suited to their taste and virtual currency needs. Developers can integrate a number of diverse placements – such as a Survey Wall, multiple currency walls, different exchange rates – which all contribute to increasing engagement with your users, and maximizing the revenue.


Plus! Freely customize the colors of rewarded numbers and status updates, brand imagery, and virtual currency icons within the top banner. You can get creative with temporarily changing your currencies to holiday-themed icons (such as gems, hearts, diamonds, coins, etc into candy canes, trees, snowflakes, etc) – to bring the best game experience to your users.


Getting the user and exchange rate right  


Similarly to making sure you get the right gifts for your loved ones, in the Offer Wall different segments of users at different points in the user journey are likely to have very different virtual currency needs. The Offer Wall enables players to choose from a variety of offer types that match their engagement preferences as well as their virtual currency needs. 


At the same time, developers can easily set different levels of rewards for different user groups. For example, a developer may offer new users 50 coins for completing a survey, but provide a more mature user 100 coins for the same action. Currency exchange rates help maintain the relevance and attractiveness of the Offer Wall for diverse user sets – across geos or in different levels of progress is the game. This encourages ongoing user engagement and retention and provides more time to convert players into paying users.


Multi-rewards means multi the fun – for everyone 


Multi-rewards allow users to progress in the game by completing incremental actions and earn rewards in their journey to reaching the final objective of the offer. Since the Q2 rollout, (if you missed it, here’s everything you need to know), we’ve seen growing adoption and strong results with our new Multi-Reward Offers feature – which now represents 30% of advertisers spend on Offer Wall Edge. Publishers are seeing performance improvements as high as 25% – with the offers driving over 30% of total revenue on the Offer Wall! The most engaged users are looking for extra avenues and premium rewards to progress faster in the game. Introducing them to Multi-Rewards will do the trick. 


“Always testing” is one of our favorite things


The Offer Wall operates as an extension of your app economy. This means you should always be testing and optimizing placements, entry points, customizations, and user experience in the Offer Wall. For example, assessing whether adding an extra entry point can unlock a new revenue stream, or discovering the position of the entry point does not attract users well enough. By using in-depth reporting analytics, you can easily self-test and confidently make better decisions that work best for your game, on the go. Your account manager is also there for you for customized tips and recommendations.


The Offer Wall unlocks many opportunities for the growing mobile app ecosystem – number one reason being – publishers, advertisers, and users win. It’s no wonder it’s making a big comeback this year.

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