Inside 3 App Developers Adding Rewarded Video and Interstitials From Fyber Marketplace

Many of us are creatures of habit. We know what we like and we like to stick with what we know. But there are times, for one reason or another, that we venture outside our comfort zone and try something new. But moving from predictable to the unknown means taking a risk. And we each approach risk in different ways.


App developers Coda and Gordon Edwards (maker of Scanner Radio), like many of you, our Fyber customers, knew Fyber Marketplace for its strong banner ad performance. Monetizing interstitials and rewarded video with Fyber was something new, a risk so to speak. But last year Fyber focused considerable engineering resources on improving the ability of our DSPs to track and optimize their interstitial and rewarded video KPIs, which was deemed critical in order for you to generate incremental revenue.


Some of our more notable changes include improved full-screen video ad rendering, design enhancements to our VAST end card experience, always showing an end card after a video ad skip or completion, and blocking ad creatives that generate zero revenue for you from winning an auction but for some reason never firing an impression.


The work has paid off. Over the last few months, our customers who’ve integrated programmatic rewarded video and interstitials in their apps are now seeing these ad units as the biggest ad revenue drivers from Fyber Marketplace.


Coda Platform Juicy Stack mobile game developer

Coda, the mobile indie developer behind Rope Rescue, Color Combo, and Juicy Stack, chose Fyber Marketplace to monetize their entire game portfolio on iOS and Android with interstitials, banners, and rewarded video. They were a brand new customer and decided to try a little bit of everything, so to speak.


Only a few days after integrating, it was clear that interstitials were the most effective way for Coda to generate ad revenue through Fyber Marketplace. Among the three formats, interstitials accounted for 70% of the ad revenue coming from Fyber Marketplace, with banners contributing 12%, and rewarded video contributing 18%.

Scanner Radio

Scanner Radio mobile app

Scanner Radio, a portable news scanner app, chose Fyber Marketplace to monetize banners but were hesitant to incorporate interstitial video ads. They were concerned that a full-screen format would interfere with their app’s audio stream.


After learning about Fyber Marketplace’s skippable functionality that enables an app publisher to control video length before an ad becomes skippable, Scanner Radio decided to test interstitial video and limit the ad length to five seconds.


Through interstitial video, Scanner Radio immediately had a whole new stream of ad revenue open up to them and saw a 55.5% increase in revenue generated from Fyber. Fyber’s competitive eCPMs combined with significantly higher fill rates gave Fyber a top 4 placement within the app’s interstitial waterfall.


To read the full story on Scanner Radio’s revenue growth from Fyber Marketplace interstitial video ads, click here.

Fyber partner

A mobile game developer with over 300 million monthly active users across 20 free-to-play games started working with Fyber because of the high eCPM rates and scale it was known to deliver with banner ads.


After consistently seeing solid performance with banners on Fyber Marketplace, the global gaming developer decided to expand its monetization strategy to include interstitials and rewarded video. Immediately after integrating both of these full-screen units, the publisher earned 10X more revenue from Fyber than it previously had with banners alone.


These three examples bring us to a third method of assessing risk. Let others try it first and let their results inform your decision. Whatever your approach, the important thing is to try new things because it’s a way of being adventurous. And sometimes being adventurous pays off big time.

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